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"Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God this is your spiritual[a] act of worship. 2Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is his good, pleasing and perfect will."-Romans 12:1-2

Before I came to a growing personal relationship with Christ, I learned and practiced many good habits from in and out of school. Gym class back in the elementary school in St. Paul taught me to keep myself physically in shape. I remember participating in the U.S.A. Physical Fitness (eg. President's Challenge) challenge, where we tested in several physical exercies (eg. # of push-ups timed, pull-ups, jump-ropping, etc..) which we would get prizes to motivate us do well.

I learned and continue to learn many physical-nutritional habits, which becomes more important as you get older. I love sweets as a kid, which didn't really helped me get rid of my baby fat quick growing up. I started actually working out in the junior high level (12-14 years old) to deal with the "bullies" in school. Then I continued to do so more in high school to be physically fit in order to compete in my level in the sports I participated in: soccer, baseball, and track & field.

In college, I didn't play any sports, but I wanted to keep physically healthy as I was spending a lot of time not moving as much when I studied academically aggressively during my time at UMM. The food on campus was so new and different from growing up in a Filipino home, that I gained 10 pounds (almost the "Freshem 15") my first year! What helped me stay fit and not gain any more was getting disciplined. I would workout weekly with the same roommate for the first 2 years. Then I would and still do-swim weekly as much as possible to just have time alone and it was a stress reliever-especially when I was an RA. I remember I would avoid the tempted sweets throughout the week they made at food service by just eating it on the weekends to award myself for a hard week. Fasting became a regular practice, which taught me to learn not to feed myself physically, but spiritually. I do this still today-I would try to fast on a just only fruits-vegetables-water diet once a week for a whole day. During this fast, I would read the Bible and spend more time talking to God to substitute the time I would eat.

One day I went to the dentists with one of the consumers from the group-home I work at in town-Morris, and I was reading this chart on the worst pop/soda drink that causes tooth decay. From then on, I've avoided as much possible-completely if I can! I'm always looking at the Nutrition Facts/Labels in the back of food products now...

"What you eat is what you are"

The company I work for does a physical health/fitness program for it's employees to keep them healthy to give their 100% at work, plus it saves them money by preventing us from getting hurt and calling-in sick! One inservice-training meeting, a health expert had us to relax and take 5 easy deep breaths (eg. let your chest rise as you take a deep breath and hold it for awhile before slowly realeasing air as your chest comes down) each day before you start the day, during lunch/break....

Psalm 46- "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."
(this verse came to me after a Chi-Alpha meeting 9.12.03)

...., or at the end of the day. Before this meeting, I was doing this at times (only 1x) when I go swimming each week. When I started doing this 5x everytime I go swimming, I realize that I was able to hold my breath underwater longer (went from 10-15 to 20-25 minutes within a month!)-cool huh!

When I work out, this verse helps me...

"The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song."-Psalm 28:7

Sample Monthly Calender Worksheet:

X=1 pt.
Ex=1-30 min. exercise or 2-15 min. exercise
X=1 pt.
HE=Health Eating
All Sundays-Eat 3 servings of vegetables
All Mondays-Don't eat "sweets or desserts"
All Tuesdays-Read Food labels before eating
All Wednesdays-Drink at least 6 cups of water
All Thursdays-Keep a Journal of the food you eat
All Fridays-Eat 3 servings of fruit
All Saturdays-consume 3 dairy servings or other calcium supplements

We would turn this in each month and compete with other individual employees and group homes within our compamuy. The winner(s) gets a prize or some benefit, like several free paid-time hours to motivate us all.

Food Guide Pyramid from USDA

Daily Balance: Body, Soul, and Mind from Goodnewseverybodycom's Weblog January 29, 2012


"Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God�this is your spiritual act of worship"-Romans 12:1

Why do we get sore?

  • Reduce Post Workout Muscle Soreness Posted on Monday, November 01 @ 07:45:05 MST (

  • "After a hard workout, most people begin to experience soreness in the body parts trained within 24-48 hours, lasting for as long a week after the soreness sets in. This type of pain is called "Delayed onset muscle soreness" or DOMS. ..
    Today, most exercise physiologists agree that the primary cause of DOMS is the tiny tears that occur in the muscle that as a result of high intensity exercise - especially resistance training...
    When you work out, you literally "tear down" muscle tissue (these are microscopic tears - not like a "torn" muscle in the medical sense). During the days after the workout, the muscle begins to rebuild itself, provided it is allowed enough time to recover and sufficient nutrients are provided. This rebuilding process creates a "new" muscle that is bigger and stronger than before. In a nutshell, this is how the enitre process of muscle growth takes place. Each time you "shock your body" with a new workout program, new exercises, new techniques you've never used before or techniques you haven't used in a long time, you can expect the soreness to return. Be aware of this every time you begin a new training program or if you follow someone else's routine that you've never done before. Sometimes the amount of soreness just from a change in your routine can be incredible. Always go easy the first day on a new program and build intensity gradually or you're asking for it! ..
    You can probably reduce the soreness by stretching the body part AFTER the workout and by getting circulation into the area with cardio...
    . Other methods like massage might help as well. You can also cut back your intensity next time: Use your level of soreness as a gauge of your intensity. If your soreness is debilitating, then take that as a sign to back off at your next workout (if you don't want to be that sore again). ..
    Proper post-workout nutrition will, of course, help with muscle recovery in general, but won't remove the soreness. That means making your post workout meal high in carbs, high in calories and moderate in protein. A complete discussion of post-workout nutrition will have to be the subject of another article...

  • Why You Get Sore After Physical Activities By April Johnson, published Aug 10, 2007 Published Content: 60 Total Views: 61,198 Favorited By: 19 CPs (

  • "Drink plenty of water. Keeping you muscles hydrated will allow the rebuilding process to work more efficiently. Dehydrated muscles have a risk of cramping and causing more damage. Work up your activity slowly over time. Especially when lifting weights or exercising for long distances, start light and slow. This will allow your body to grow and strengthen over a safe period of time. ...
    I'm already sore, what do I do?
    "Rest and ice the muscles that are sore. Place ice over the area for about 15-20 minutes. Leave the ice off for at least one hour to allow proper circulation to reoccur. Be careful not to leave the ice on too long, this could lead to nerve damage.."

    Physical Therapy for:

    Massage Techniques : Massage Therapy Techniques

    "Among the varied massage therapy techniques, tapotement uses karate-like chops to ease pressure on muscles, and petrissage involves lifting and kneading muscles. Compare massage techniques with the tips in this free instructional video on massage techniques from a professional massage therapist.
    Expert: Rachel Hannah
    Bio: Rachel Hannah is a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who has a practice in Northampton, Mass., where she has worked since 2002.
    Filmmaker: David Pakman"



  • "..There are basically two types of physical therapy, passive and active. Passive therapy is done to you and includes heat, cryotherapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, massage, and lontophoresis. In heat, or thermal, therapy, the therapist applies heating pads, heat wraps, or warm gel packs to the affected area. This works to increase the flow of oxygen to the muscle, allowing it to heal faster and relieve pain by softening muscles. In cryotherapy, cold is applied rather than heat, and is considered more effective than heat in reducing inflammation. Electrical stimulation sends mild electrical impulses to the nerves and spinal cord, which releases endorphins and blocks pain signals from the brain. Ultrasound heats the deep tissue and allows it to relax and stretch more easily. Massage breaks up scar tissue and encourages the relaxation of muscle spasms. During lontophoresis treatment, a painkiller and steroid are rubbed into the skin and a low level electrical current is applied to speed up the absorption of the drugs. It works similarly to transdermal patches used to quit smoking.
    You participate in active therapy, and it includes stretching, strength building exercises, and aerobic exercise. A good physical therapist will combine passive and active treatments, as exercise is essential to treating back pain. The therapist will determine which exercises are best for your particular condition and supervise you in those exercises to ensure you are doing them correctly. You will likely be given stretches to be done daily, fifteen to twenty minutes of strengthening exercises, and thirty to forty minutes of low-impact aerobic exercise, such as swimming or walking, to be done three times a week. "

  • Back Pain Tip of the day Posted by Alison on August 29, 2006 (

  • "Prevent back pain by using a lumbar roll - this will support the lumbar lordosis and maintain the alignment of your entire spine in the normal anatomical position...

    -Heat Pads

  • How To Make A Microwave Heating Bag

  • "... Crafty Idea - Tipnut.comInstead of using electric heat pads & blankets or hot water bottles for your aches and pains, these microwaveable bags are just the ticket! They’re known by a few different terms such as: bed buddies, stress busters, magic bags, corn cozies, rice bags–but they’re basically all the same thing.
    These bags serve a dual purpose as you can also keep them in the freezer to use has a cooling pad or freezer pack when needed."

  • Top 4 Moist / Dry Heating Pads, By Carol & Richard Eustice, Created: June 21, 2007

  • BUY:
  • Thermophore History

  • ".. The Battle Creek Thermophore ® Moist Heating Pad / Pack electric fomentation unit was developed to conveniently provide moist fomentation treatments whenever moist heat is indicted. The Thermophore Hot Pack has a special tightly-woven fleece blend cover which retains moisture from the air. When the unit is turned on, the surge of heat into the cover moves the moisture from the heated fleece blend to the cooler body tissue.
    The most effective way to use moist heat is by applying a short treatment at a high temperature, then allowing the body to return to normal temperature, and then repeating the process. "

  • Kozy Komforts Heating Pads $16.95

  • -Knee
  • Activities that are easier on the knees include:, from

  • "� Swimming (except for the butterfly stroke) � Walking and bicycling are good exercises for bad knees (these activities are not high-impact) � An elliptical machine in the gym is a good option. It has pedals instead of a flat, treadmill-like surface and allows you to simulate running and walking without the impact on your joints. � Any activity where there is a reduced impact or no quick direction changes is a good choice for bad knees.
    ..If you have bad knees, you need to first find out what the exact injury involves, and how bad it is after activity before you make a final decision about slowing down activity and what sort of activities you can still do. You probably are better off consulting with a doctor, certified trainer or physical therapist to help you build an appropriate exercise program... "

  • Best exercises for bad knees, from

  • "The top 5 types of knee injuries for which exercise is proven beneficial are:
    1) Osteoarthritis
    2) Patellofemoral syndrome (Runner's knee)
    3) Patellar tendinitis (Jumper's knee)
    4) Cartilage tears
    5) Ligament injuries"

  • Knee Pain, from

  • "..TREATMENT � Physical therapy is essential to the treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of many of the conditions that affect the knee joint and its surrounding supporting structures. Physical therapy for knee pain often includes ice and elevation and muscle toning exercises...
    Straight leg raises � Sit on the edge of a chair or lie down with the opposite leg bent (show figure 3). Raise your leg 3 to 4 inches off the ground and hold for 5 seconds. Sets of 15 to 20 raises should be performed daily with the leg perfectly straight. As your condition improves, perform straight leg raises with weights at the ankle; begin with a two pound weight and gradually increase to a 5 to 10 pound weight (pennies or fishing weights in an old sock, 2 cans in an old purse, or Velcro ankle weights).
    Leg extensions � Lie on your stomach or kneel on all fours (show figure 4). Keeping the leg straight, raise your leg 3 to 4 inches off the ground and hold for 5 seconds. Sets of 15 to 20 extensions should be performed daily with the leg perfectly straight.



    A friend told me about this protein shake (2 raw eggs, scoop of icecream, a bananna, and milk blended together), which I've been drinkng the last month or so. I decided to re"search" on the health effects...

    Drinking Raw Eggs
    "You are taking some risk of Salmonella poisoning. Not a huge risk - maybe 1 in 30,000 eggs, from what I read on the internet.
    Eggs also contain Avidin, which can cause a vitamin B6 deficiency. Cooking takes care of the Avidin thing."

  • Egg Whites Int'l

  • "By drinking a high protein drink with liquid egg whites just before you go to bed, they will support muscle growth for up to 4 to 5 hours. Now the process is reversed for most of your sleep time. Rather than storing fat and eating muscle, the time-release protein from the egg whites, is allowing your body to burn the fat at its normal rate while building on the muscle. That is why bodybuilders eat a dozen egg whites before bedtime."

  • What should you eat before and after going to the gym

  • "Before going to the gym, about 2-3 hours before, you can eat a big meal. The meal should contain proteins and carbohydrates. For example you could eat a barbequed steak with rice and a salad. Also a half an hour before going to the gym you can eat a cereal bar or a protein bar. That way you are going to handle the workout better because you body has the necessary resources at his disposal.
    Do not forget to drink lots and lots of water during the physical exercises. You have to replenish all the liquids you are losing by sweating during the workout. Keeping yourself hydrated. That way your work out will benefit you more and you will avoid suffering injuries to your internal organs. Your body produces a lot of toxic waste that is eliminated by sweat and other bodily functions. Water is the key component thru which the body can eliminate a lot of those toxins so that they don’t accumulate in time. Also the workout itself makes your body accelerate the production of some natural body toxins that have to be eliminated. And water is the key component.
    If before the workout it is recommended for you to eat proteins and carbohydrates, after the workout you can eat a salad made out of fresh vegetables, chesses, yogurt. Something light and refreshing is recommended. After the workout you body goes in repair mode. If you gobble down a slow digesting meal a lot of the energy will go towards digesting the meal and not repairing the muscles. And muscle repair is what makes your muscle mass grow and get stronger.

    Fitness Facilities

  • Regional Fitness Center, (new official site) where I workout
  • *3-5 days a week doing various exercises to build endurance, strength/muscles, and physical health overal for better self-esteem
  • Snap & Fitness-Morris

  • Morris native purchases Morris' Snap Fitness, Published January 17 2011
    Dr. Michelle Lelwica was motivated by giving back to her hometown and fulfilling a career-long goal of combining chiropractic with workouts
    "..A Morris native has returned to buy the Snap Fitness facility in her hometown.
    Dr. Michelle Lelwica purchased Snap this month and met with staff last week. Buying Morris' Snap Fitness is in keeping with Lelwica's career-long goal of combining chiropractic and workouts to improve health and well-being, said Lelwica, who also owns the Snap Fitness in Pequot Lakes.
    "It's a good combination," she said...



  • More than 1000 classes found within 25 Miles of Saint Paul, MN, USA ,

  • Never Alone Fitness 1139 Payne Avenue Saint Paul MN 55130
    Instructor: Irene Ruiz-Briseno Day and Time: Sunday9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Battle Creek Jr High School 2121 North Park Drive Saint Paul MN 55119, US => Wednesday - 5:45 PM - 6:45 PM Amy Hodge
    Battle Creek Community Recreation Center 75 S Winthrop St Saint Paul MN 55119, US
    Kerry Hauser
    Blast Fitness - SunRay/St. Paul SunRay Shopping Center - Hudson Rd St. Paul MN 55119, US
    Wednesday - 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM MELANIE MORTENSEN

    Fitness Facilities

  • St. Paul's University Avenue Bally's Fittness

  • *a UMM Alumn connection-Cornelius, who is a personal trainer!

    Muscle Soreness


  • Governor's Fit City Program, 2005 Minnesota Health Dept

  • *forwarded from Steven J. on Oct 2005

    Personal Trainers

  • Nu Prime Fitness, with Cornelius P. Matthias. M.A.

  • *former UMM Alumn and friend in St. Paul, MN



    Hanz & Franks vs Arnold Schwarzenegger




    Zumba in the Today Show

    "Zumba Fitness appears in the Today Show, Oct. 15, 2007"

    Lisa Landis from WJTL's Kids Cookie Break goes to the Lancaster YMCA to learn about Zumba from instructor Sarah Placencia.

    "Lisa Landis from WJTL's Kids Cookie Break goes to the Lancaster YMCA to learn about Zumba from instructor Sarah Placencia."
    Zumba Fitness with Traci - ZUMBATOMIC - Electrifico

    "We tested out the Zumbatomic choreo from convention and the kids loved it!!"

    Fitness Shows

  • Giving Him Praise
  • Gospel Dance Aerobics

    "This is a clip from my Cable TV fitness show. I called this one "Giving Him Praise". Enjoy it! Paul Eugene -"

  • American Public Health Association, improving public's health
  • Flight Food Alliance, protecting from harmful chemicals (found this at UMM's TMC)
  • My Body His Temple, spiritual and physical health
  • My Fitness, American Heart Association's Just Move
  • Nurses PDR, drug "nurse handbook" online (search your prescription drug)
  • Nutrition Supplements, by Muscle & Fitness
  • Health Masters, by Dr. Ted Broer-godly health nutritionist
  • Fitness Facilities

  • Bally's Total Fitness

  • *used to be a member here when I was living in St. Paul

    Chicago Gyms and Spas, from


  • Olivia Newton-John - Physical , from
  • Weightlifting

    Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners : Dumbbell Biceps Curl Weight Lifting Exercise for Beginners

    "Learn essential weight lifting exercise workouts such as the dumbbell biceps curl and what muscles it works in this free exercise video on weight lifting for beginners.
    Expert: Kirk Watt Bio: Kirk Watt is the Fitness Director for VISION FIT a fitness professional with over 12 years experience in personal training and nutritional guidance. Filmmaker: Traci Holsey"

  • Quicker way to gain good biceps/triceps? Asked by Gmanv1 On Jun 08, 2006

  • "..4. Your daily diet, its the most important part of muscle gain, and fat loss... if you want to be big and lean, you need to learn to eat 5-6 times a day with smaller portions than usual, this increases your metabolism and you burn fat faster. Don't forget to eat about twice your weight in grams of proteins (ie. 150lbs = 300g of protein per day) its good to have a lot of protein sources during the day such as shakes and egg whites to maintain your body in an anabolic state, this means its producing muscle and burning away fat as energy source, otherwise you'll go catabolic which means your muscle's getting eaten away by your body as well...


    Anna Watson Is College Football's Strongest Female Cheerleader

  • Georgia's Anna Watson Is College Football's Strongest Female Cheerleader Monday, January 30, 2012 10:27 am Written by: Ben Maller

  • "It's one thing for professional athletes to have to make an ethical decision about using steroids, but college cheerleaders?
    Anna Watson has to be America's strongest female cheerleader; the University of Georgia student loves spending time in the weight room, and it certainly shows. But she has more important things in her life: Watson passed up a big money fitness modeling contract because she refused to use a legal steroid.
    "It’s an elite position to be a cheerleader at UGA," Watson told Red and Black, her school's award-winning student newspaper. "They have hundreds of girls try out, and to be selected out of all of those people to be on the team, it’s kind of a big deal. So those girls were very humble and gracious and patient to help me just learn the basic stuff."
    Watson has been cheering since age 5. She can bench press 155 pounds, squat 255 pounds and dead lift 230 pounds. According to the school newspaper, she added an impressive four inches of muscles on her arms in just 10 months.
    A deeply religious junior exercise and sports science major, Watson was on the brink of a $75,000 fitness-modeling contract that could have set her up for a lifetime career in modeling -- but she turned it down.
    A modeling agent wanted her to use Anavar, a legal anabolic steroid to help her gain up to 50 pounds of muscle. Worried about the effects on her body when she decides to have kids, Watson passed.
    "I don't serve a modeling agent. I serve the Lord," Watson said. "I'm not going to compromise my morals and my beliefs just to take pictures. I believe that my body is a temple and a beautiful creation, so I don't want to put anything into it that can harm it.".
    Despite being somewhat of a cult hero for her large muscles, Watson says that's not really who she is.
    "I know that my identity is not in working out," Watson said. "It’s not who I am. It’s not what I want people to see me as. Yes, on the outside, I’m a very fit individual, but when you get to know me, my life is not all about exercise and working out."
    After cheering at three home Georgia football games, Watson is on the disabled list right now after rupturing her Achilles tendon."

    Anna Watson "Psalm 139" by King David



  • Sexy Beast Workout Tutorial , from

  • "To follow all of Zuzana's home workouts and weekly diet challenges visit her fitness blog: http://www.BodyRock.Tv"


    Zumba Beginners


  • Zumba Fitness
  • Weightlifting

    Top 10 Body Toning Exercises: Cardio, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest (Part 1)


    "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is�his good, pleasing and perfect will."-Romans 12:2




  • Boosting my Brain Power by Michael T. Murray M.D., free article I got from a health store (5/06) in Alexandria's Viking Plaza Mall

  • *it talked about getting gilko bilboa, multivitamins, fish oil-omega 3, antioxidants, etc..-that all helps with the brain
  • Brain Food� Key to Miner�s Amazing Recovery Zone Labs, CBN

  • "The recent return home of the only survivor of the Sago mine disaster, Randall McCloy, is being touted as a medical miracle. However the primary reason for this miracle is the use of high-dose fish oil* by his neurosurgeon, Dr. Julian Bailes. "
  • Human Brain: Food & Diet
  • Resources

  • Liberal Arts for the Human Services, academic "God-centered" resources

  • -Elderly: Alzheimer's




  • How Acetyl-L-Carnitine prevents Alzheimer's disease and dementia while boosting brain function, from News Target
  • Comedy

    Anita Renfroe "Memory"

    "Christian comic Anita Refroe talks about the downsides of a middle-aged mind! From her DVD "Purse Onality""


    "Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength....The LORD your God commands you this day to follow these decrees and laws; carefully observe them with all your heart and with all your soul."-Deuteronomy


    Bible Search, soul food!
    The Christian Diet, 9/21/03 sermon notes from Pat Franey, pastor of Morris Community Church




    The Story Behind the Song: It is Well With My Soul - Bluefish TV

    "In 1873, Horatio Spafford wrote the words to the hymn \"It is Well with My Soul\" after the tragic death of his four daughters. A very moving sermon illustration. Video download available at"
    *see Death- Grieving, Mourning, Reflection, etc..
    My soul longs for you (Onething 06), by Misty Edwards

    Daily Balance: Body, Soul, and Mind from Goodnewseverybodycom's Weblog January 29, 2012

    Overall Reccomended Resources



  • Cleansing the Body, Mind and Spirit (Paperback) by Carolyn Reuben

  • "These may all be symptoms of toxic overload--caused by everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe. With this guide, we can learn how to detoxify--using simple, natural, safe methods that leave us feeling refreshed, revived, and wonderfully renewed."
    *this same goes with our spiritual state, which we need to ask God to cleanse us of all our sins


    Hans and Frans Spiritual Workout

    "Uploaded by treyore on Jul 29, 2008 Welcome to Hans and Frans Spiritual Workout. There a re here to pump you up with the Word of God. "


    Bible Reflections Seek to be a Complete Christian

    *you may not agree with everything this guy (like any teacher of the Bible) says, but I challenge you to read on your own the verses he shares and let God personally speak to you.

  • Salvation Explained

  • "... This message is intended to help people understand why God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sin, and how His sacrifice has made a way for us to have a relationship with God that is personal, authentic and healing. It can be difficult to understand why God would send His Son to become a sacrifice for the sin of mankind. In fact no matter how much understanding one gains, salvation is and will always be a matter of faith. ...
    At the beginning of time God created the heavens and the earth. He made everything perfect according to his own purpose. When God made man, He made him in his own image. He formed the shape of the first man from dust and breathed in to his nostrils, and man became a living being. Man was created with a body, soul and an eternal spirit. ...
    The fall
    When God created the heavens He created many spiritual beings. They do not have a physical body made from the earth like us. Angels are eternal beings and have a full understanding of right and wrong. ...

    The following simple prayer can be the beginning of a new relationship with God through Jesus Christ:

    Lord Jesus I thank you that you died on the cross and rose from the dead for me.
    I would like to accept the free gift of eternal life that washes away my sin.
    Please come into my heart and become my Savoir.
    Help me to live in a way that is pleasing to you, teaching me your ways.

    Three in One Part 1 of 3 Spirit, Soul and Body - Today's Christian Videos

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