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Prevent Skin Cancer, "Don't Get Toasted"

"A fake Public Service Announcement, created as my midterm for Digital Video Editing I. It is against skin cancer, particularly against the dangers of tanning lamps"

Have different skin problems?

    I. Infection
    A. inflmmation (lymph): cellulitis bucitis
  1. Current Management of Common Skin and Soft Tissue Infections: Cellulitis, Folliculitis, Mammalian Bites, and Puncture Wounds - Year 2001 Update , an article from Clinical Consensus Reports

  2. 2.
  3. Cellulitis: Article by Danny Lee Curtis M.D., from (more..)

  4. 3.
  5. All Refer Health, risk factors in include diabetes

  6. *Medication
  7. Cephalexin, skin infection anti-biotic treatmentinfo from

  8. *Prevention
  9. Cellulitis-Prevention, from Mayco Clinic

  10. B. impetigo, germ infection info from C. Eczema
  11. All About Eczema, from Reviewed by: Patrice Hyde, MD Date reviewed: August 2006

  12. "Rick was exhausted. Increased stress at school, home, and work had made him extremely tired. It also made his skin act up. Not again, he thought — not another eczema flare-up!
    Eczema is a common skin problem. If you have eczema or think you might have it, here's how to deal with it...
    ..Unwind. Stress can aggravate eczema, so try to relax...

  13. Talk Eczema
  14. Eczema, from

  15. "..Eczema can affect people of any age, although the condition is most common in infants. Eczema will permanently resolve by age 3 in about half of affected infants. In others, the condition tends to recur throughout life. People with eczema often have a family history of the condition or a family history of other allergic conditions, such as asthma or hay fever. Up to 20% of children and 1%-2% of adults are believed to have eczema...
  16. Stress-related eczema: Introduction, from

  17. " chronic skin inflammation and irritation which is triggered by stress. The severity and extent of the skin involved is variable. Stress may trigger a flare up or may exacerbate existing eczema. More detailed information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Stress-related eczema is available below. ..

    Calluses and Corns

  19. Corn Remedies, from
  20. II. Moles

    Treating Melanoma (Skin Cancer #8)

    "If left untreated, melanoma can be fatal. Luckily, there are a host of options that can prevent this."

    I (Sal) just got a couple of moles removed ("Surgical removal usually involves a simple excision under local anesthetic", (Also, "Typically, the lesion is "shaved" down with a surgical blade, or is cut away (excised). The resulting wound site may require sutures (stitches).")this month (November of 2005) after asking advice from my personal doctor 2 months ago. I told him (Dr. Stavig) I was worried about some moles that has appeared in different parts of my body, particularly one under my left armpit and over my left nipple. I went to see a dermatologist and automatically notice the unusual "irregular" shape, which he removed it right at that moment. I got a biopsy report 2 weeks later and found out that no melanoma, but it can develop overtime. They told me I need to watch this area closely and report any changes in the next 6 months.

    A year later...

    I got a mole w/puss coming out when squeezed removed above the tit of my left side of my chest.

    This one was removed under my armpit of my left too!

    Melanomoa, from Centre for Genetics in Australia

    III. Rashes

    IV. Scalp Dryness

  21. Dandruff Remedies, from health911

  22. "Cut out or greatly reduce your sugar intake. Read the food labels carefully. There are many different types of sugar and sweetening agents to look for: sucrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, corn syrup, molasses, sorghum and maple syrup
  23. Hair Health, from American Academy of Dermatology
  24. Healthy Foods for Healthy Scalp, from beauty

  25. "If your scalp isn't healthy, your hair won't be either and it's so easy to change this problem. All you have to do is incorporate foods like squash, carrots and tomatoes into your diet.

    -Suggested Shampoos
    Avalon Organic Shampoo, can be found at GNC stores according to a co-worker (Amiee)
    -reccomended by my dermatologist:
    Selsun Blue (
    "Selsun Blue, as you noted, contains selenium in it. Selenium is a type of degreaser and removes this layer of accumulated "grease", getting rid of the scaling skin and odor. No more irritant and no more scratching."-doggie shampoo
    Neutrogena Shampoo (


  26. Curadusa, product reccomended by La Glamour
  27. Go Ask Alice
  28. Neutrogena, haircare
  29. V. Warts

  30. American Academy of Dermatology
  32. Warts Home Remedies

  33. *got a good tip about using toothpaste and duct tape, which actually worked

  34. What's up with Warts?, from
  35. VI. Miscellaneous

  36. Stretch Marks, Veins, moles, etc.., from on body basics

Avoiding Aging of Skin due to Sunlight


  • Vitamins To Protect Against And Reverse Aging: The Truth vs. The Tall Tales, from American Academy of Dermatology

  • "There are three antioxidants that have been proven to decrease the effect of the sun on the skin and actually prevent further damage: selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C"

    Burned Skin?

  • Healing Solutions from Burns and Sunburns, from botanical

  • Recommended Resources



  • Aveda executive sees bright future for cuphea Pat Peterson, Vice President for Research and Development at Aveda, said during the Barnes-Aastad annual meeting Thursday that ARS Soils Lab research on the alternative oil-seed crop could help revolutionize hair and skin care products and markets By: Tom Larson, Morris Sun Tribune Published April 07, 2011, 03:56 PM

  • "The ARS Soils Lab's research into the oil seed cuphea could help revolutionize hair and skin care product development by reducing the importation of expensive tropical oils that are vital to those products.
    Pat Peterson is Aveda's Vice President of Research and Development and she spoke during the Barnes-Aastad annual meeting Thursday in Morris.
    Some species of cuphea are used to produce oils that contain fatty acids used in detergents and soaps, cosmetics and lubricants. The Soils Lab is mostly working with two types, one of which is a hybrid -- cuphea PSR 23 -- that has promise as an ingredient in shampoo.
    The oils found in PSR 23 may be enough to produce a shampoo that functions just as well, or possibly better, than products made with tropical oils, Peterson said.
    "That's a paradigm shift -- a big shift in the cosmetics industry and that's why we're excited," Peterson said. "Shift your thinking and flip it to the positive and you realize we've really got something here that nobody else has. So that is truly exciting for us."
    Manufacturing with palm and coconut oils are the only options for Aveda and other personal care product companies so until a viable alternative is found "we are bound to that industry," Peterson said.
    Bringing affordable cuphea oil into product development would aid the industry in several ways: the demand and cost of tropical oils are increasing rapidly; the production of palm and coconut oils requires the continued deforestation of tropical areas, which is at odds with Aveda's environmental philosophies; developing cuphea could mean cost-effective local production and processing at Aveda's Blaine-based headquarters, Peterson said.
    "There's a huge opportunity here," she said.
    Aveda has done research on the PSR 23 oil and found that it can be separated into a clear, colorless oil that can function as an emollient for moisturizing skin and hair. Research is continuing on uses for the other, colored oil, Peterson said.
    "Nature's got something pretty cool here," she said, "and we'd like to find out what it's all about. Nobody's ever done that work before."
    Last year, Aveda worked with the Soils Lab on a 10-acre parcel of cuphea PSR 23 and a smaller planting of cuphea wrightii, which produces an oil that could be a direct replacement for palm oil but which is very difficult to harvest. The work will continue this year, Peterson said.
    The work has such promise because Aveda is a top-end producer of personal care products and, as such, sets trends in the industry, she said.
    "When Aveda brings something to market, people tend to follow," Peterson said. "We're willing to create that market." "



  • How to Recognize Skin Cancer Posted by Leslie Baumann, M.D. on Tue, Jul 31, 2007, 10:46 am PDT (

  • "Early detection is crucial in treating skin cancer. Have annual skin checks, during which your dermatologist can look for any unusual moles or marks (if you have a family history of melanoma or are particularly predisposed to developing it, biannual checks are best). And if you see any suspicious bumps or scabs - particularly those that fit the descriptions above - don't hesitate to see a doctor right away.
    Wishing you great skin!"


  • Crutchfield Dermatology, in Eagan
  • Conditions

  • Syndactlyly, from
  • Syndactyly From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • " a condition where two or more digits are fused together. It occurs normally in some mammals, such as the siamang, but is an unusual condition in humans..."



  • 16 rules to live by for young-looking skin * by Lucky Magazine, on Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:06am PDT (

  • "1. Even if you're sitting in the shade, without sunscreen you're being zapped by aging rays. Sunscreen, (at least SPF30, every day) not only prevents aging, it gives your skin time away from defending itself, so it can actually repair and undo existing damage.
    2. There's wet, and then there's wet: If you want any antiager to work better, get your skin very wet. For instance, if you want your face scrub to exfoliate more than usual, do it at the very end of a shower.
    3. Always pat eye cream in with your ring finger--it's the weakest, so the most gentle.
    Perfect Your Skin: The right regimen makes all the difference, whether you're treating breakouts, wrinkles or redness.
    4. Retin-A, Tazorac, Renova: These prescription-only retinoic acid formulas de-age skin like no over-the-counter cream. It takes about six weeks to see results, but the difference in most people is truly spectacular.
    5. For some, retinoic acid is too skin-sensitizing. The next strongest thing is available over the counter: retinol. The most powerful retinol we know of is Help Me by Philosophy. If that's too much for you, Healthy Skin by Neutrogena is nonirritating but still extremely effective.
    6. Too much sugar in your diet causes glycation--an inflammation and a disruption of collagen production. Avoid eating sweets, and use a product designed to prevent (and undo) the reaction.
    7. Your skin does most of its repair-and-refresh work at night. Lack of sleep shows up on your face as dullness initially, graduating to wrinkling, sagging, and even breakouts as you continue to lose sleep.
    There are no falsities to this beauty sleep business. A Lucky beauty editor was recently inflicted with mono (and a 1,000 hours of sleep) and reemerged with her most luminous skin ever.
    8. Supplements: Who knows if they work? They might, and that's why we take them--especially those with omega-3, -6, and -9 oils. Since none of us can eat as much youthifying salmon as the experts say we should.
    9. Cold really does bring down puffiness. Throw your eye cream in the fridge, or use these already-frosty versions.
    10. Unanimous editors' rave: More Lucky staffers mentioned Kiehl's when they were queried about their antiaging routines than any other brand. They love the avocado eye cream, the pineapple papaya face scrub, the...
    11. Peptides stimulate your cells to produce more collagen. They retexturize--so your skin feels silkier and looks brighter--and minimize lines. And they don't irritate at all.
    12. Smoking is even better (and faster) at aging your face than the sun.
    13. Wind and cold are dehydrating. Moisturizer plumps up your skin, making it look and feel smoother temporarily. We have never met a makeup artist who doesn't apply moisturizer liberally before makeup--it really makes a difference.
    14. If you overdo it on skin treatments, anti-inflammatory products like Dr. Brandt's Laser Relief will calm your skin back to normality overnight.
    Been a little overzealous with your skin care routine? One Lucky editor suggests this calendula cream as a cure all.
    15. Tinted undereye moisturizer is a genius invention. Use it alone if your trouble is not severe, under concealer if it's more major.
    16. If all else fails, keep your sunglasses on--and not solely for the obvious reason of camouflage. You also shield the delicate and first-to-wrinkle-and-sag eye area from future damage. Eye cream with SPF helps too. Want more tips and suggestions from Lucky editors? Visit our how-to channel for expert advice in fashion and beauty. '


    2 Chronicles 26 Uzziah King of Judah
    *see Issues: Greed, Greedy, Elite, Power, Pride, Rich, Wealthy, etc...

    "... 19 Uzziah, who had a censer in his hand ready to burn incense, became angry. While he was raging at the priests in their presence before the incense altar in the LORD's temple, leprosy [c] broke out on his forehead. 20 When Azariah the chief priest and all the other priests looked at him, they saw that he had leprosy on his forehead, so they hurried him out. Indeed, he himself was eager to leave, because the LORD had afflicted him.

    21 King Uzziah had leprosy until the day he died. He lived in a separate house [d] —leprous, and excluded from the temple of the LORD. Jotham his son had charge of the palace and governed the people of the land. ...

  • Cleansing the Leper By: Hampton Keathley IV

  • "In Mark 1:38, after the disciples come to Jesus to tell Him that “Everyone is looking for him,” Jesus tells them that He came here to preach. There will be something that happens in the miracle that will relate back to this. So, don’t forget this statement.
    This miracle follows the sermon on the mount in Matthew’s gospel. In the sermon on the mount, Jesus had said in Matt 5:17, “Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish, but to fulfill.” Then right after the sermon, a leper comes up to Jesus and He touches him, which is a violation of the Law. Perhaps that is significant....

    *see Ministry: End Times, Prophecy, Prophetic, Rapture, Tribulation, etc...

    Jesus Heals a Leper

    "Jesus declares that he casts out demons with the power of GOD. If he was casting out demons by the power of Satan then Satan's Kindom is comming to an end. Can Satan castout Satan? "

    The Man With Leprosy-Luke 5

    " 12While Jesus was in one of the towns, a man came along who was covered with leprosy.[c] When he saw Jesus, he fell with his face to the ground and begged him, "Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean."

    13Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. "I am willing," he said. "Be clean!" And immediately the leprosy left him.

    14Then Jesus ordered him, "Don't tell anyone, but go, show yourself to the priest and offer the sacrifices that Moses commanded for your cleansing, as a testimony to them."

    15Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses. 16But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.


  • Bible Cure for Skin Disorders, from Dr. Colbert

  • Online Order: alibris


  • Morgellons From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • "(also called Morgellons disease or Morgellons syndrome), is a name given in 2002 by Mary Leitao[1] to a proposed condition referred to by the Centers for Disease Control as Unexplained Dermopathy and characterized by a range of cutaneous (skin) symptoms including crawling, biting, and stinging sensations; finding fibers on or under the skin; and persistent skin lesions (e.g., rashes or sores). Current scientific consensus holds that Morgellons is not a new disorder and is instead a new and misleading name for known illnesses. Most doctors,[2] including dermatologists[3] and psychiatrists,[4] regard Morgellons as a manifestation of known medical conditions, including delusional parasitosis,[5][6][7] although some health professionals believe that Morgellons disease is a specific condition likely to be confirmed by future research.[8]
    Despite the lack of evidence that Morgellons is a novel or distinct condition and the absence of any agreed set of diagnostic symptoms,[9] the Morgellons Research Foundation and self-diagnosed Morgellons patients have successfully lobbied members of Congress and the U.S. government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate the proposed condition.[2] The CDC states that while it is not known at present whether the condition represents a new disease entity, or whether persons who identify themselves as having Morgellons have a common cause for their symptoms, share common risk factors, or are contagious, it has begun an epidemiological investigation of the "Unexplained Dermopathy (aka 'Morgellons')."[10]..

    *got an email from =>
    Morgellons Plague To Skyrocket, Become Pandemic!
    Sunday, December 27, 2009 3:15 AM
    From: "Bulletins@RocketMail" or Linda Newkirk=> “A New Set of Laws; and My Laws are in Him!”

    The Only Cure For Morgellons Disease.
    My Blessed Child, My Little Son (Manchild) will help many who are sick and dying from all manner of diseases, but he will set free especially many, who have the Morgellons Implant Disease! Yes, it is an implant disease, one in which Satan and his many hordes have viciously implanted the bodies of many with foreign substances, the purpose being to siphon off their light, and to overide their electrical 9neurological) systems until they are either mind controlled slaves, or dead! They really do not care, but delight in all the suffering, which they have inflicted upon these unsuspecting souls!
    My Little One, you know the work of My Son, that he is able to clean remove all such implants from the bodies of these Morgellons sufferers. And, I have brought him up amidst the most horrendous of implant technologies! Never has a living soul suffered what you have suffered, not anyone, not another living soul!
    I have brought up My Little Son in you, amidst the most of horrendous of conditions, beneath the feet of Satan and all of his hordes! And, I have done so, all in order to make him ready to go into My Bride, My 'Supernatural Army', and to equip them for these most horrendous wars, which involve these most terrible of implants and implant diseases! For, these implant diseases are now rampant and are going to increase in an exponential way! You will see this in the world, when these creatures come up out of the earth and sting people for five months! (Rev 9: 10) As you well suspect they will sting them by driving fibers and other implantable objects into their skin and tissues! Almost overnight, the implant diseases will skyrocket and escalate to pandemic proportoions and many will not know at all what has caused such pain, such red whelps, and such stinging!
    Therefore My Little One, as this is already going on and there are no cures for these implant diseases, except for my cure through My Little Son, the Manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve, I will most assuredly take him to My Throne very, very soon; and I will also call all, who are deemed ready and worthy; and I will impart My Little Son into these, who will then become the Manifest Sons of God!
    My Little One, these Sons will then become your seed as mentioned in Revelation Chapter Twelve, verse seventeen, And, Satan, on seeing them, will make war against them.
    In My army there will be many ranks and not all will walk in the same power! For, in some the Manchild will be of great power and in others, he will be of small power! Those who walk in great power, will do great and marvelous works and will exhibit much of My power, the most powerfull of these being the two witnesses! But, others among them will also walk in much power and will manifest many miracles, many healings and many deliverences in My Name!
    But ohers (among my army) will struggle greatly; for they will be severely tortured by Satan, even as you have been severely targeted and tey will be greatly troubled; for they will have little power and Satan on seeing this, will trouble them greatly! But, it is important that each remembers what you have taught them; to be grateful for all things, to praise Me and thank Me for all things, and to seek My perfect will in all things, lest bitterness set in and defeat should rear its ugly head! Therefore, I am now looking to give some more months in which you will teach My people from the deep wells of these profound truths in Me. During this time, I will cause some few others to seek you out to find you and you will pray for these also, imparting the Manchild to them.
    At this time, I will only release the Manchild through you via the laying on of hands. It will not come another way. And, I will not release him to any and all, who would seek him. So, some may seek you out. They may come to ask this of you; and I may not honor their requests at this time. Do you see?
    Only some few will come, who have a spiritual foundation, which is strong enough to bear him. For, any, who receive this Little Son of Mine, will indeed become targets, great targets for Satan and his many vicious and evil hoards. Who is ready for such a flood of evil to assault him or her day and night?
    Yet, there are some, who are already assaulted by a flood of Satanic and human evil, assaulted terribly via their wicked technology and some of these will come, and they will be able to bear My Little Son! For, they are already within the flood of evil and my Little Son will do great wonders for them! Some of these are those, who suffer from the Morgellon’s Implant Disease, some who love Me greatly, and who travail beneath the terrible weight of the horrors of Satan’s terrible technology!
    All of the above excerpts/prophecies have been received from Yahweh/Jehovah/Jesus, Most High God. They have been dictated to, recorded and witnessed by, Linda Newkirk of Little Rock, Arkansas. These prophecies are dated and posted in their precise chronological order at Prophecies.Org. They can be read in their entirety, as recent chapters of Book Twelve!
    ”Attention Morgellons Sufferers, please write to Linda and ask her to send you a prayer cloth. The prayer cloths are helping to relieve the symptons of this disease. You can read many testimonials about the annointed prayer cloths on Linda's main page.
    Google 'Morgellons Disease', The media has been censoring this horrendous disease! Also visit Linda's website for additional information!
    Also see Chapter 61 of Book twelve for a very important prayer that will reverse the effects of hidden mind control. Make a copy of this prayer for future use and keep it in a safe place.
    Google as well, (Concentration Camps in America) it is being reported from many sources that there are over 800 mind control re-education camps now in place in America where they plan to torture, kill and mind control Christians! Please do the research and get prepared for what is coming!
    *see Ministry: End Times, Prophecy, Prophetic, Rapture, Tribulation, etc...
    To: "info"

  • Lyme Disease,
  • Medical Check-Ups


  • How often should you see your dermatologist? , by Charles W. Bryant

  • "Dermatologist Visits
    While most people may not adhere to this advice, it's recommended that adults visit their dermatologist at least once per year for a full body examination. This is if you're completely healthy and have no history of skin cancer. Once you see your dermatologist for an exam, and he or she gets you and your family's history, he or she may recommend that you have more than one exam per year.
    Here are a few reasons you may be more at risk for skin cancer: ..


  • Body Maps and Diagrams, from
  • Music

    Skin Deep by Barlow Girl

    Under my skin-Skillet


  • Skin Energizer
  • Resources

  • Eat Right, from CBS News
  • Foods for Healthy Skin, from webmd
  • Healthy Skin, from wholefitness

  • "So, your first step is to stay out of the sun and stay away from smoke"
  • Natural Skin, Natural Beauty, from shirleys wellness
  • Schools

  • UofM Twin Cities' Medical School of Dermatology
  • Global-Multicultural


    Best Skin Cancer Treatment

    " A solar keratosis or sun spot is a scaly or brown patch on the skin which is caused by exposure to sun over the years. Several may develop. They can turn into skin cancer and should be monitored as soon as possible."


    healing of leper (german)

    " by Thomas Paul "



  • Japanese Study Shows Healing Power of Humor,

  • "CHICAGO, Feb. 13 (AP)--Charlie Chaplin beat 1 1/2 hours of weather information in a study of the healing power of humor--no kidding. The Japanese study found that skin welts shrank in allergy patients who watched Chaplin's comedic classic "Modern Times," but not in patients who watched a video on weather. ...
    She pointed to a growing body of research suggesting that stress undermines the disease-fighting immune system. Easing stress, which laughter can do, might then have a positive effect. ..


    The India Experience Part 4 'Healing in the Markets'

    "Woman with advanced leprosy and no fingers is healed and embraced with love by a believer in the fish markets. Stuart Gramenz is the founder of the His ministry is committed to equipping Christians to live life powerfully - led by the Holy Spirit. Over the last 30 years his ministry has touched and changed millions of lives for Jesus Christ. In the early eighties he led many teams of Christians to India, teaching them how to preach and heal the sick on the streets, and establishing colleges. In the last 15 years Stuart has successfully pioneered a strong network of micro-churches in Australia, and his teaching and ministry is in much demand. See Stuart Gramenz books and teaching at This film - 'The India Experience' - was originally filmed and produced for SpiritLedTV by Stephen Bennett. "
    *see Asian- Indian of India, Hindi,etc..


    Healing from Leprosy


    Miracle Healing of Skin Disease

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    Kevin Evink Morris Sun Tribune Published Monday, October 06, 2008

    " Funeral services for Kevin Evink of Morris, will be held Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 10:30 a.m. at Faith Lutheran Church in Morris. Reverend Dell Sanderson will be officiating. Visitation will be held Monday from 3 to 8 p.m. at Pedersen Funeral Home in Morris, and for one hour prior to services at the church on Tuesday. Burial will be at the Lakeside Cemetery near Hancock.
    Kevin Lee Evink, son of Conrad and Anna Mae (Ver Steeg) Evink, was born June 10, 1963 in Morris, Minnesota. He grew up in Hancock, Minnesota, where he was baptized on June 30, 1963 at the Christian Reformed Church by Reverend Roorda. Kevin received his schooling in Hancock, graduating from Hancock High School in 1981. He then attended Willmar Vo-Tech, graduating in 1982. After graduation, Kevin began working at Libby Wholesale in Morris. On June 27, 1987, he was united in marriage to Wendy Valnes at Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church in Hancock by Reverend Rachel Thorson-Mithelman. Following their marriage, the couple made their home in the Morris area, and Kevin continued to work for Libby Wholesale. He also became a member of Faith Lutheran Church in Morris in 1988. In May 1989, Kevin joined Robert and Todd in the ownership of Valnes Well Drilling. Kevin, Robert & Todd have worked together running that business since that time. Very few people know how to work as hard as Kevin did, and his extra efforts will forever be missed by the many customers who benefited from his exceptional work ethic.
    Kevin was a member of the Morris Sports Boosters, and was also an active member of Faith Lutheran Church, and had served on the church council. Some of his favorite hobbies included snowmobiling, fishing, doing carpentry work and especially watching and coaching his kid's sporting events. Kevin died on Saturday, October 4, 2008 at the Stevens Community Medical Center in Morris, after a 7 month battle with melanoma cancer, having lived to reach the age of 45 years.

    In lieu of flowers memorials can be made to the Stevens County Relay for Life, Faith Lutheran Church or the memorial of your choice."