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"Offer up your body as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-this is your spiritual act of worship"-Romans 12:1

This scripture verse from the Bible is my personal life verse when it comes to taking care of myself physically healthy. As I've grow in my personal relationship with the Physician-Lord Jesus Christ. Since elementary school growing up, recess and gym were my foundations in keeping my body physically healthy. I remember playing kick-ball in the blacktop outside of our school with my peers. I may have not been the best player (was picked almost towards the end when captains were chose to pick teams), but I loved the game! I loved going outside of the classroom and just run outside.

As we get older, we sometimes need to play outside (I try to balance my day from inside and outside activities: doing yardwork, riding my bike, playing 1:1 basketball with a teenager I mentor, etc...) and get up off our butts from sitting in the computer as I'm doing now or not letting now a days technology keep us indoors. In fact, I was reading a testimony/story of a lady who is now recovering from 40+ years of bi-polar depression. She reccomended exercising as one of the keys to get out of depression. Also, I read this fact on the Morris channel that depression is increasing amongst our youth.

As a Filipino-American or "minority" (has a greater level or chance of diabetes than their Caucasian American counterparts-for some reason), I personally need to watch what I eat-especially �sweets�. What I try to do, is fast once a week on fruits or vegetables only and stay away from �sweets� as much as I can. My personal time I can eat sweets is only when there is a special occasion (eg. Birthdays, picnic, etc..), and I don't drink pop at all if I can (only if there is totally nothing to drink; however pop can make one thirsty on a hot day). Plus, pop and citric acid combined makes your teeth "ugly" by the combination of the two causing decaying (I found this out for the first time at age 25 when I took one of my consumers at the group home I work at to the local dentist).

Gluttony or overweight is becoming an increasing nations problem too! Correct me if I got this wrong, but � or 1/3 of our youth are overweight! I just know our nation's health is deteriorating despite our increase in the medical technological field. Bible reading to get manna or �soul food� has kept me both physically and spiritually healthy to go through our daily tasks or life challenges.


I have a friend of mine who was adopted by a family in America at age 3. He was a very sick child, who had malnutrition (effects). By the grace of God, he was set free from hunger and starvation through a Christian family in America. I have notice the effects of malnutrition as he shared with me of his challenges growing up, which I personally feel has an effect on him:

Effects of Malnutrition:
-"Malnutrition", by Jean Nelson-Erichson and Heino R. Erichson of Comeunity: Adoption Parenting Support
-Malnutrition has several primary causes., from Malnutrition Matters: Food Technology Solutions from Canada



  • How To Measure Toxicity in Your Body, from September 6, 2009

  • "Would you like to know if you have high levels of toxic elements in your body? Now you can. Here is some important info about it and how you can find out if you are at risk or not. Children can be measured for toxicity too. A little lock of hair will tell the story.
    Here is some background:
    With the industrialization of our world, ever increasing amounts of toxic elements are being released into our environment.
    From power plants burning coal that loads the air with mercury, to tooth fillings, cosmetics, paints, batteries, fish and sea food, we are getting it from all sides. ..
    Even at low levels, these toxic elements have been associated with depression, anxiety, memory loss, fatigue, high blood pressure, kidney disease, immune sup pression, ADD, autism, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and heart failure....
    Because hair follicles are exposed to the blood supply during growth, element concentrations in hair reflect concentration in other body tissues. If levels are elevated, a variety of clinical and lifestyle interventions can be implemented to reduce toxic burden; follow-up hair testing provides a good indication of long-term treatment effectiveness (after 3-4 months)...
    To order your kit, call BodyHealth at 877-804-3258 and we will mail you the hair sample envelope with all the instructions you need to process the sample. The cost of the analysis is $75.
    If your levels come up high, we suggest you look at the following symptoms for heavy metal toxicity:
    1. Do you become tired frequently?
    2. Are you sleeping poorly?
    3. Do you get sick more often than you would like?
    4. Are you not able to remember things very well?
    5. Are you constipated, or have dry, hard feces?
    6. Do patches of your body feel colder than others? Do you have circulatory problems?
    7. Do you get headaches or mind cloudiness?
    8. Do you have poor self-esteem, sadness, social withdrawal, apathy, or lack of desire?
    9. Do you experience moods swings?
    10. Do you feel occasional pain in some parts of your body?
    If you have symptoms, take a look at the premier heavy metal detox product: Metal-Free. You can order Metal-Free online at or by calling 877 TO HEALTH.
    If your levels are high, but you have no symptoms, then another product, called BODY DETOX is the one to take. It will help the body to clear metals, as well as chemicals. You can order this at as well.
    From a Metal Free user: "Wow, I feel like my old self again. I am an avid bicyclist - I do long rides with my bicycle club and this summer I felt like I couldn't even go 15 miles without being exhausted, and climbing hills were a chore. I couldn't keep up with my biking buddies. And I know I wasn't out of shape. I had no muscle strength at all... Feels good to feel strong again. And my hands and feet aren't cold." L.M.
    Mercury can cause of host of body problems. In a few weeks, Metal-Free helps the body quickly and naturally remove it.
    Do you have symptoms that could be due to toxic elements? Get your hair analysis kit and find out. To order call 877 TO HEALTH.

    What Mercury Toxicity Does to the Body #289

    "http://www.therenegadehealt... In this clip, Raymond Francis talks about what mercury does to the body in a way that we can actually understand! "

  • Signs of Body Toxicity, from

  • "Summary: Numerous environmental factors may contribute to toxicity in the body. Learn signs that a body is toxic from a professional speaker and educator in this free health video."
    *see Diet, Foods, Groceries, Beverage-Drinks, etc... on preservatives


    Colon Cleansing - How To Do A Cleanse The Right Way, from
    "Cleansing your colon and then _keeping it clean_ is one of the most important things you can do to stay vibrant and healthy. But the colon cleansing process must be properly sequenced in order for you to see lasting results.
    In order to properly and effectively cleanse your colon, you must give it the right pH environment, ample raw materials and then you must correctly use and sequence those raw materials.
    To get the kind of results that you can see and feel, you must cleanse it COMPLETELY of the following four things:
    1. Compacted waste
    2. Toxins
    3. Harmful Microforms -- bacteria, yeasts, fungi and parasites
    4. Mucosal plaque"

  • Colon/kidney detoxification, from

  • "Colon cleansing
    Bowel movements are the basis of your health. If you don't have at least 1 bowel movement per day, you are already walking your way toward disease. Man's body has not changed very much in the past several thousand years... however man's diet has certainly changed a lot. All the refined sugar, white flour, hormone/antibiotics-filled meats we constantly ingest constitute an assault on our bodies. We are continuously violating our bodies by eating terrible foods. Colon cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S....

  • DETOXIFICATION - Cleansing the Body by Lynn Hinderliter CN, LDN

  • "Every practitioner of alternative medicine will tell a prospective patient that before health can be rebuilt, the body must be cleansed.
    I liken the state of a body needing detoxification to a city where the sanitation units have gone on strike: as the garbage bags pile up curbside, the entire city slows down and if the situation were to continue to crisis levels, disease and filth would bring illness and epidemics. The crews in our body that do this work, our detoxification systems, are designed to find and eliminate toxins in our body: but when they are severely overworked they too, go on strike, and inefficient channeling of nutrients, overload of toxins, and various disease states, are the inevitable consequence.
    In contrast, the purified body is like a country road, running free and unobstructed, with fresh air and sustaining views... among my clients, I have seen many instances of persistent poor health overcome by cleansing and supporting these supremely important functions of the body...
    Some of the signs our body sends to tell us that we need to detoxify are:
    * muscle pains (usually my warning signal),
    * fatigue, lack of energy and headaches,
    * constipation and indigestion.
    In fact. it was a recent painful bout with stiffness & inflammation in my neck that led me to ponder anew the mysteries of the body, and how wise it is to take the time now and then to clean it out and set one's house in order. ..
    Some effects people claim to have experienced from detoxification
    * joint pain relieved
    * eyesight improved
    * elimination improved
    * digestive problems alleviated
    * more energy
    * better sleep
    * clearer skin
    * better concentration
    Interesting research suggests that fasting just one day a month positively affects cardiovascular health, possibly through reduced exposure to glucose. Researchers theorize that this one day without food gives the organs time to rest and work more efficiently.
    Many experts are convinced that such chronic conditions as arthritis, sinus, psoriasis, and acne, together with lowered immune function and the more serious conditions that follow that, are all connected to high toxin levels in the body, & they will not proceed with diagnosis and treatment until the patient has been thoroughly detoxified since only then can the underlying cause of the symptoms be determined.

    FREE All Natural Colon Cleanse, from
    Homemade Colon Cleanse, from
    " George DeJohn's 21 day body detoxification program provides you with greater benefits than simply a colon cleanse by itself. This whole body purification program cleanses all of your major organs and as a result toxins are removed promoting significant fat loss while you lose inches in just 21 days. "
  • Body Detoxification, from
    Chlorine in drinking water, swimming pool creates many toxins in water, Published March 31st, 2009
    ".."The reason that you and I can go to a drinking fountain and not be fearful of getting cholera is because we disinfect water in the United States," he said. “But the process of disinfecting water with chlorine and chloramines and other types of disinfectants generates a class of compounds in the water that are called disinfection by-products. The disinfectant reacts with the organic material in the water and generates hundreds of different compounds. Some of these are toxic, some can cause birth defects, some are genotoxic, which damage DNA, and some we know are also carcinogenic.":..
    The Effects of Chlorine in Your Water: Chlorine, Cancer and Heart Disease ,
    "..One of the most shocking components to all of these studies is that up to 2/3s of our harmful exposure to chlorine is due to inhalation of steam and skin absorption while showering. A warm shower opens up the pores of the skin and allows for accelerated absorption of chlorine and other chemicals in water.
    The steam we inhale while showering can contain up to 50 times the level of chemicals than tap water due to the fact that chlorine and most other contaminants vaporize much faster and at a lower temperature than water. Inhalation is a much more harmful means of exposure since the chlorine gas (chloroform) we inhale goes directly into our blood stream. When we drink contaminated water the toxins are partially filtered out by our kidneys and digestive system."...
    Anyone who has ever swam in a chlorinated pool can relate to the harsh effects that chlorine has on the skin and hair. What's surprising is that we commonly find higher levels of chlorine in our tap water than is recommended safe for swimming pools...

    How to Detox Fluorides From Your Body, from
    How to Detox Fluorides from Your Body, from
    "..Iodine is another nutrient lacking in most diets and causing hypothyroid symptoms of lethargy or metabolic imbalances. Eating lots of seafood for iodine has it's constantly rising mercury hazards. Seaweed foods and iodine supplements that combine iodine and potassium iodide are highly recommended over sea food by most.
    Tamarind, originally indigenous to Africa but migrated into India and southeast Asia, has been used medicinally in Ayurvedic Medicine. The pulp, bark, and leaves from the tree can be converted to teas and strong tinctures, which have also shown the ability to eliminate fluorides through the urine.
    Liver Cleanses are considered effective for eliminating fluorides and other toxins. There are two types of liver cleansing, both of which can be performed easily at home over a week or two of time. One of the protocols focuses on the liver itself , and the other cleanses the gall bladder, which is directly connected with liver functions. Simple instructions for both can be found on line with search engine inquiries....
    Lecithin is another useful adjunct to this protocol for fluoride detoxification..."

  • Full Body Detox, from
  • Weight Loss Secret: Detoxification, from
    *get rid of flu-like symptoms =>Elite Alternatives (Liver Balance Plus) & LK Formula

    Natural Cleansers:

  • Detoxification -- A Chinese Herbal Prescription (33), from
  • Natural Colon Cleansing Techniques and the Colon Cleansing Diet, from
  • Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation is an alternative therapy used to cleanse, maintain and restore optimum colon health, from
    Colonic Irrigation

    "Information on Colon Health "
    Minnesota - Colonic Network a directory of colon hydrotherapist ..., from
    Caring Hands Colon Hydrotherapy 427 Vermillion Street/Highway 61 Hastings, Minnesota 55033
    "Colonic Irrigation" was found in the following Minnesota cities, from
    Gallstones, Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney Cleanse Part 1, from
  • Liver Detoxification Fatty Liver Disease And Liver Detoxification, from

  • "Fatty Liver Disease And Liver Detoxification
    If you talk to radiologists and gastroenterologists who are looking at people's livers today, they will tell you that the condition called "Fatty Liver" affects more than 50% of people over the age of 50. Common causes are poor diet, excessive alcohol intake, adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs and toxic chemicals, and viral hepatitis..

    *see Social Issues: Alcohol(ism), Alcoholic, Drinking, etc...
    "Various nutrients are required in order for the liver detoxification to be carried out successfully. An adequate supply of key antioxidants is essential to prevent further liver damage. Milk thistle, vitamin C, selenium, beta carotene, vitamin E, and N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) are all powerful antioxidants which are helpful in liver detoxification.
    The amino acid SAM-E plays an important role in liver health, in addition to helping with depression. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage in the diet have been shown to enhance liver detoxification. I use those regularly when vegetable juicing.
    The B vitamins, including riboflavin and niacin, also aid in liver detoxification....

    Liver-Gall Bladder Cleanse Testimony from Nina

    "Nina did a four days liver and gall bladder cleanse with only apple juice, lemon juice, olive oil and water. She passed more than a hundred gall bladder stones. For the recipe, visit: under Free Health Information. For more information, visit, and you can see pictures of the expelled stones at Someone else shared the following link (I have not tried yet):"

    Food Sickness

    I continue to hear more and more cases of food related diseases or sickness. More recently is a person I know who was diagnosed with...

    Viral Infection

    This can also be prevented by practicing good hygiene-washing hands immediately before eating. Some other related links:

    Common Cold

    -Head Cold

  • Whats the best way to get rid of a head cold? (blog) on

  • "What you actually want to do is to draw this out, however taking a cold and sinus treatment is likely to push it all deeper inside and just make you more blocked up and make your problems worse generally.
    If sitting in a warm bath helps, then what you need to do is to go out and buy some Olbas Oil. This contains Eucoplyptus and other things and what you should do is get a bowl of steaming water and add the Olbas Oil. You should then put your head over the bowl with a towel over your head or around it and breathe in deeply. Doing this will release any mucus and should help to clear your head a lot. Try doing this at least twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. In between times however, you can take the Olbas Oil to work with you and can sprinkle some on some tissues and inhale it like this to help keep your passages free.
    This is the best thing that I know for clearing the head and blowing cobwebs away like this.
    Also consider taking some Echinacea Tincture or Vitamin C to give your immune system a boost. If you do this your are more likely to recover quickly.
    Also, keep an eye on your diet and eat plenty of fruit and veg and a good all round and balanced diet. Good nutrition also helps. You also need to ensure that you are drinking enough fluid too. Water will help to decrease mucus build ups. You also need to avoid things like coffee, which can add to your problems.
    Good luck"

    Cold remedies that really work.- update, from
    "Following three remedies from many, and how to administer them, will get rid of a cold/flu - I and many of my acquaintances have tried these with great success.
    The key is to start at the first sign of cold or flu and then keep doing them a little after the cold has gone. It really helps to stop using sugar during this period. Also regular brushing with Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda paste ensures you never get it in the first place....
    1-Vitamin C
    2-Hydrogen Peroxide
    In 1928 Richard Simmons, M.D. hypothisized that colds and flu virus enter through the ear canal. His findings were dismissed by the medical community.

    How to Get Rid of Colds, from how to get rid of stuff
    "natural cures and home remedies
    How to get rid of a cold, from
    "Research suggests that psychological stress, allergic disorders affecting the nasal passages or pharynx (throat), and menstrual cycles may have an impact on a person's susceptibility to colds. However, research has found no correlation between bad weather or getting chilled and developing a cold. New research shows that although being cold does not lead to higher rates of infection, the nasal vasoconstriction caused by being cold can keep your body from as effectively fighting an existing infection, which may have previously been subclinical (i.e. the symptoms were not strong enough to have been noticed)....
    Some things that may help to relieve the symptoms of a cold include:
    * bed rest
    * plenty of fluids (water, tea, Jello water...)
    * gargling with warm salt water,
    * petroleum jelly for a raw nose
    * aspirin or acetaminophen to relieve headache or fever
    * Nonprescription cold remedies
    * Nonprescription antihistamines
    * Inhaling steam, possibly with essential oils added
    * Antitussives, which are cough suppressants.
    * Expectorants, which help bring up mucus in the bronchial airways so it can be spit out. .
    * Bronchodilators, which enlarge the bronchial passages to make it easier for people with asthma to breathe. .
    * Anticholingerics, which dry up watery secretions in the nose and eyes.
    * Hot packs
    * Chicken soup
    * Eucalyptus or camphor
    * Spicy foods
    * Zinc, Vitamin C, garlic, echinacea


  • Common Cold Cure, from

  • "....The symptoms are certainly not life threatening but can make life very uncomfortable especially for those who attempt to push through a work day while feeling so badly. There are billions of dollars spent a year on various medicines such as nose sprays, antihistamines, and decongestants. Pain relievers such as analgesics, ibuprofen, cough syrup and nighttime sleep medications for colds are also sold. Antibiotics are used if a cold turns into a bacterial illness such as a sinus infection or pneumonia. While there is no firm scientific evidence that offers a common cold cure as of yet, there are many products that may help to limit the duration of an illness, stimulate immune activity or minimize symptoms. There are some treatments for the common cold virus that include herbs and vitamins that some sufferers firmly believe bring them success in achieving better health.
    Herbs such as Echinacea are known to stimulate general immune function that can help alleviate allergies and respiratory problems. Golden Seal is also used for its antibiotic properties and many people that suffer from constant infections or bacterial illnesses may do well to use this herb. A supplement that combines the two herbs may be helpful and a combined version of these herbs should be used on an intermittent basis for the best effect. Use the herbs one month and then discontinue for a month; repeat the usage in succession for best results. Garlic is highly recommended as a common cold cure because of its immune building, antibiotic properties. "And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed...and it was so..." (Genesis 1:11)
    Approximately 300 mg a day of garlic is recommended for those who first begin to experience respiratory symptoms. Supplements such as vitamin C and zinc are popular purchases for many who contract a common cold virus. Vitamin C is an anti-viral, immune building supplement that has historically been a popular treatment for colds. Since vitamin C is non-toxic, large dosages can be ingested with little side affects other than loose bowels if the amount is more than the body needs. In fact, if the body does not need what is ingested, it merely empties the unneeded portion through the urine. Some suggest that when a person feels a cold coming on, to up the normal dosage to 1,000 mg a day. ..."

  • Common Cold Symptoms | Causes | Remedy | Diet | More Common Cold Treatments | FAQ's | 25 Common Cold remedies suggested by our users,

  • "Common Cold treatment using Tamarind and Pepper
    Tamarind-pepper rasam is also considered an effective home remedy for a cold in South India. Dilute 50 mg tamarind in 250 ml of water. Boil the diluted tamarind water for a few minutes with a teaspoon of hot clarified butter and half a teaspoon of black pepper powder. This steaming hot rasam has a flushing effect, and should be taken three times a day. As one takes it, the nose and eyes water and the nasal blockage is cleared.....

  • 9 Tips to Treat Colds and Flu the 'Natural' Way, from

  • "No. 4: Drink Hot Liquids
    Hot liquids relieve nasal congestion, help prevent dehydration, and can soothe the uncomfortably inflamed membranes that line your nose and throat....

    Common Cold and Flu Treatments (Cold and Flu #1)

    "Stuffy nose, sore throat, persistent cough...ugh, it's the flu! Let's look at some common home remedies that can help.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru:"

    *see Science: Biology, Biological Warfare, etc...

    Swine Flu Cure They Don't Want You to Know - How to Be Immune to Swine Flu

    " - Swine flu cure, a scientifically proven remedy for creating a condition in the body wherein the swine flu virus cannot survive, let alone thrive. It can make your body virtually immune to swine flu -- or enable your body to cure itself of swine flu and virtually any disease. "

  • Flu Influenza, from flu mist
  • Viral Infection-Commmon Cold, webnat ailments
  • Below is a list of links relating to some of my personal or general health issues or topics I�ve faced directly/indirectly so far at the age of 26.

    What steps are you taking to prevent the flu? If you have it, what are you doing to cure it (e.g. natural remedies-sauerkraut, etc..?)? Have you taken the vaccination? Any side-effects? Any overall flu-related stories, testimonies (e.g. healing), advice, etc...

    Goodnewseverybodycom's Weblog


  • FDA, FTC threaten doctor over immune-boosting supplements for H1N1 swine flu Mike Adams Natural News October 22, 2009

  • The FTC’s dangerous double standard
    This FTC / FDA letter claims Dr. Weil has been promoting his immune-boosting formula “…without rigorous scientific evidence sufficient to substantiate the claims."
    This might be taken with some level of seriousness if, in fact, the vaccine makers had any such evidence to substantiate their own claims that flu vaccines work at all. But as NaturalNews readers have already learned, flu vaccines are a scientific hoax lacking any honest evidence that they actually work. In fact, all the evidence points to the reality that they don’t work. (…)
    *see Does the Vaccine Matter?, from
    The FTC, you see, applies a completely different standard of proof against dietary supplements than to vaccines. According to FTC staff, “…the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. SS 41 et seq., requires that claims that a dietary supplement can prevent, treat, or cure human infection with the H1N1 virus, must be supported by well-controlled human clinical studies at the time the claims are made.”
    And yet, at the same time, there are no well-controlled human clinical studies backing the efficacy of vaccines. They simply don’t exist....
    "It’s time to end this medical police state
    In American medicine today, you don’t live in a free society. You don’t have a free choice about medicine. You are given the false choice of which vaccine to take: Nasal or Injection. That’s the choice you’ve been given. All other options (anti-viral herbs, homeopathy, vitamin D, etc.) are being eliminated "for your protection."


  • MDH Has Stricter H1N1 Guidelines For Kids Under 5, from Sep 17, 2009 7:31 pm US/Central

  • "..The MDH's guidelines -- which also include the suggestion that staff members get vaccinated against both H1N1 and seasonal flu as soon as they are made available, and that all facilities remain well-cleaned -- are one response to increased flu activity in the state.
    The MDH said they're specifically concerned about children under the age of 5 because they've been hospitalized with H1N1 at twice the rate as children ages 5 through 12.
    "Observing precautions for preventing the spread of influenza is often not very feasible for young children," said Lynfield. "For a young child, it can be difficult to control a runny nose and to cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing."
    As of Wednesday, 38 schools in the state were already reporting large numbers of sick kids. Seventeen of those schools are in the Twin Cities.
    H1N1 flu vaccination shots are expected to be in Minnesota by Oct. 15.
    It is recommended that you be prepared at home. Here's a few things to have on hand:
    * Plenty of fluids including juice, sports drinks and broth, like chicken soup
    * Fever medication including Acetaminophen or Tylenol, and Ibuprofen or Advil
    * Medications to stop diarrhea and vomiting
    * A thermometer and blood pressure monitor
    * And household disinfectant for cleaning ..

    *see Babies, Children, Kids, etc.. Outreach
  • Flu test wrong, girl almost dies By Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent December 3, 2009 9:22 a.m. EST

  • "...Looking back at her daughter's illness, one of the things that strikes her mother is that in the days before Hayli was admitted to the hospital, a test showed that she did not have the flu -- twice.
    Dr. Andrew Pavia, chairman of the pandemic influenza task force for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, and others are concerned that doctors are being misled by rapid flu tests and failing to treat patients who, like Hayli, really do turn out to have the flu.
    "We've been seeing these rapid flu tests cause problems," Pavia said. "These tests are certainly quick and relatively inexpensive, but the problem is, they're not terribly accurate.".."

    Flu Shot Permanently Disables Washington Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings

    "Woman Disabled by THIS YEARS FLU SHOT (10 days AFTER vaccination)
    WASHINGTON, D.C. - A few weeks ago, Desiree Jennings was training for a half marathon. Now, she's struggling to walk, talk and even eat.
    According to the Loudoun Times-Mirror , Jennings, who has been working with the Washington Redskins as an ambassador in hopes of becoming a cheerleader since April, developed severe and possibly life-threatening side effects from getting a seasonal flu vaccine seven weeks ago at a Safeway in Reston.
    Twenty-five-year-old Jennings says she was healthy and active and was not in a high-risk group at the time of her shot.
    She says she received the vaccine to earn points for her work health plan that gives perks for each level of wellness that is attained. It was not until ten days after she received the shot that she began to experience flu-like symptoms.
    Her physical therapist at Johns Hopkins Hospital say she is suffering from dystonia, a neurological movement disorder where sustained muscle contractions cause body jerks, and abnormal or repetitive movements.
    People who suffer from dystonia often are required to re-learn even the most basic routines.
    It is a rare disease and is not completely understood.
    You realize your life is never going to come back the way it was, Desiree told the Times-Mirror. My goal in life was to one day be a CEO. Now, I dont know if I can ever return back to work.
    Loudoun Times-Mirror -- The Flu, & a 'Shot to the System'


  • Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine, from

  • "Vaccine Side Effects (What to Expect)
    Different side effects can be associated with the flu shot and LAIV.
    The flu shot: The viruses in the flu shot are killed (inactivated), so you cannot get the flu from a flu shot. Some minor side effects that could occur are
    * Soreness, redness, or swelling where the shot was given
    * Fever (low grade)
    * Aches

  • Hospitals shoot for employees to get flu vaccine Updated 9/16/2007 11:14 PM By Anita Manning, USA TODAY(from

  • "When it comes to getting a yearly flu vaccine, you might expect that doctors and nurses would be first in line. But health care workers have among the lowest immunization rates for flu vaccine, to the endless frustration of public health advocates...
    ..No recommended group has high flu immunization rates, according to CDC data. Only about 65% to 69% of seniors and 35% of people with chronic illnesses get flu shots each year. And despite efforts to increase the rates, immunization for health workers hovers around 40% nationally, the CDC says..."


  • "..Take the flu vaccine. You're being encouraged by your doctor, the media and the federal government through all points "sky is falling" flu news bulletins to get a flu shot- a chemical mash including formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury cultivated on chicken embryos. The animal byproducts in vaccines carry the risk of viral contamination. Vaccine companies cannot guarantee the purity of animal cells used in vaccine culture. ...
    Fear Factor
    Headlines scream "Flu Bug Worse This Year: Vaccines Limited". For months we've been warned to get our flu shots. The CDC, physicians and the media have been bellowing about the severity of this year's strain and the potential scarcity of the vaccine.
    Brilliant marketing I say- just make people think they can't get something and they'll line up for hours to get a toxic fluid shot into their arms that DOESN"T EVEN CONTAIN THE VIRUS THAT"S GOING AROUND! That's right. This year's vaccine doesn't completely match the virus that's supposedly going to make this a record-breaking flu season.
    Each year between 20,000 and 40,000 people die from "flu-related" illness. These are people who are already immunocompromised. In other words, they're sick already, even if they're not showing symptoms. It is disingenuous to attribute all these deaths to the "flu".
    My recommendation is to sit down with your doctor or pharmacist or the stern tv news anchor -all of whom have been pushing this insane public health policy and ask them to read the list of ingredients in the vaccine vial. Then ask them what sense it makes to introduce these chemicals into the human body when more and more research shows severe damage occurs as a result.
    Ask him. Then roll down your sleeve and go home. Make sure you wash your hands a lot and stay away from people who've had the shots in their arms and up their noses.
    © 2003 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved "

  • Read This BEFORE You Get a Flu Shot, By Sarah Clachar Last Updated: August 14, 2008 (

  • "...Here’s another concern: Except for about 8 million doses, the flu vaccine contains a preservative, thimerosal, that is 49 percent mercury, a known neurotoxin. While the latest research seems to disprove any link between thimerosal vaccines and autism in children, the debate still rages, and several states have prohibited the use of thimerosal in children’s vaccines. Yet supplies of mercury-free flu vaccine are limited due to man-ufacturing capacity. If you want to avoid thimerosal, you may have to make a special request to your health-care provider in advance..."
  • Flu season expected to get worse Vaccine doesn’t match most circulating viruses, health officials say, updated 6:43 p.m. CT, Fri., Feb. 15, 2008 (

  • "ATLANTA - The flu season is getting worse, and U.S. health officials say it's partly because the flu vaccine doesn't protect against most of the spreading flu bugs.
    The flu shot is a good match for only about 40 percent of this year's flu viruses, officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.
    That's worse than last week's report when the CDC said the vaccine was protective against roughly half the circulating strains. In good years, the vaccine can fend off 70 to 90 percent. ..."


  • Health employers giving flu vaccine a shot in the arm - Stepped-up efforts are in place to make sure all medical workers get the vaccines, for moral, ethical and safety reasons. By MAURA LERNER, Star Tribune Last update: September 28, 2008 - 11:36 PM

  • "..For the most part, doctors, nurses and other health workers are free to choose whether to get flu shots. ..."
  • "Restore Your Health and Vitality in an Increasingly Toxic World, with this Amazing Detox Formula", from
  • -Natural Cures/Treatment/Home Remedies

    Sauerkraut - flu preventative - immune strengthener

    Effective Natural Remedies for Flu, Cough, and Cold Safer Tips for Using Home Remedies During Cold Season Joanna Ammons, Yahoo! Contributor Network Oct 6, 2010 "Contribute content like this.
    "..I was sick with the flu on standby at the airport. An elderly polish lady took pity on me. She was eating a hot dog with sauerkraut on it. She ran and got a hot cup of water. She scraped the sauerkraut off of her hot dog and let it steep in the hot cup of water. She kept pushing it with a fork to create a juice puree. She gave it to me to drink. After drinking it, my throat and chest felt soothed. I actually felt better 3 hours after. I researched her remedy to find that sauerkraut is often recommended as a remedy to nip infections in the bud. It contains lactic acid bacteria which simulates a probiotic. Sauerkraut juice is sold in the bottled juice aisle of most grocery stores...

  • Eating Kimchi to Prevent Swine Flu? Thursday October 29, 2009

  • "There was some anecdotal evidence that kimchi helped people recover from SARS (avian bird flu), and South Koreans were mostly unaffected by the bird flu that swept through Asia. So these days, with rising concerns about H1N1 during the winter season, South Koreans are eating more kimchi than ever to ward off this new flu...
  • Swine Flu, SARS, and Kimchi By Randy Stewrt

  • "A couple of thousand years ago, makers of Kimchi (a Korean pickled cabbage side dish), long before the appearance of SARS and the Swine Flu, would never have imagined their diet staple might prevent and possibly cure these viral infections....
    Since 2003 when SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) rolled across Asia, Koreans remained unaffected for the most part. Being the daily and national side dish that it is, Kimchi was promoted to status of natural preventative and cure for SARS with virtually no scientific evidence to support the claim. Believe me, as someone who eats kimchi daily and loves it so much I operate a site dedicated to kimchi and Korean cuisine, I welcome and listen to the suggestions, and hope for further scientific investigation validating such claims. Imagine being obsessed with a food that is suddenly found to save lives in the face of a new and deadly health threat.
    Scientists at Seoul National University fed a kimchi extract to thirteen chickens infected with avian flu. A week later, eleven of the thirteen chickens apparently recovered. To date, such studies remain unpublished and certainly not recognized by any medical or scientific community. Professor Kang of the Seoul National University who observed the thirteen chickens stated Leuconostoc (lactic acid bacteria) found in Kimchi had a positive effect on the bird flu. ..

    *see Korean of Korea Outreach

    Strep Throat

  • Effective-Home-Remedies-for-Strep-Throat, from
  • ' Nasal Congestion
    *posted (Monday, May 24th 2010)


  • Nasal Congestion Home Remedies:, from

  • "..I find that steaming yourself really helps to open up your nose (and all other sinuses.) This is also a relief to regular chest congestion as well as mild to medium coughing. If you don't know what steaming is-let me enlighten you. ..
    Submitted by Kevin at 2009-10-18 08:20:30
    Someone told my mum about this so i tried it.
    "You need:
    1. A cup of warm water (not a level or two below burning, so you can inhale it)
    2. Salt
    3. Any ordinary eating spoon
    4. A glass
    1. Add a few pinches of salt to the warm water (you can adjust later on)
    2. Stir with a spoon until it's dissolved
    3. Put the spoon in the water and raise it up to one of your nostrils(close the other nostril). You will now breathe in the water, so just make sure it isn't too hot. The water should come out of your mouth and you spit it out. (i do this over a sink) If it tastes too salty, just empty the glass and refill and add less salt. ..

    Tomato Tea Deliciousness:
    " Can of petite diced tomato-all i had
    garlic powder- wishing for garlic cloves..oh well's 1 AM
    sea salt
    juice from pepperoncini jar
    --bring to boil and eat it up. it's seriously delicious and I hate that says something.
    my left nostril is still pretty shut, but as least I have some sort of relief. maybe i can sleep? let me know how it works out.

  • Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion, from

  • "..) White Vinegar:
    Need a little extra boost in your hot-steam vaporizer? Add ¼ cup of white vinegar to the water to ease nasal congestion brought on by a chest cold or sinus infection. ..

    Azithromycin 250mg Tablets (Generic Zithromax) Generic Equivalent To: Zithromax , from
    Azithromycin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    " used to treat or prevent certain bacterial infections, most often those causing middle ear infections, tonsillitis, throat infections, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, Typhoid, and sinusitis..
    A common dose of oral azithromycin therapy consists of a "double dose" of medication on the first day of treatment and subsequent treatment for four or five additional days. With the "Z-Pak," this means two 250 mg tablets (a total of 500 mg) on the first day and one 250 mg tablet once daily for the next four days....

    azithromycin, from
    "..Take this medication for the entire length of time prescribed by your doctor. Your symptoms may get better before the infection is completely treated. Azithromycin will not treat a viral infection such as the common cold or flu. Take azithromycin capsules on an empty stomach 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal. Azithromycin tablets or powder oral suspension may be taken with or without food. ..

    Jesus Heals Many (Mark 1)

    " 29 As soon as they left the synagogue, they went with James and John to the home of Simon and Andrew. 30 Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed with a fever, and they immediately told Jesus about her. 31 So he went to her, took her hand and helped her up. The fever left her and she began to wait on them.

    32 That evening after sunset the people brought to Jesus all the sick and demon-possessed. 33 The whole town gathered at the door, 34 and Jesus healed many who had various diseases. He also drove out many demons, but he would not let the demons speak because they knew who he was.


    Chronic Bronchitis Natural Treatment

    Download Free Chronic Bronchitis Book from right now! "

  • Bronchitis - Cause, Symptoms And Home Remedy to Cure Bronchitis, from

  • "What causes Bronchitis?
    Bronchitis may be caused by a virus, bacteria, smoking or the inhalation of chemical pollutants or dust. When the cells of the bronchial-lining tissue are irritated beyond a certain point, the tiny hairs (cilia) within them, which normally trap and eliminate pollutants, stop functioning. Consequently, the air passages become clogged by debris and irritation increases. In response, a heavy secretion of mucus develops, which causes the characteristic cough of bronchitis...
    Natural home remedies for the treatment of bronchitis.
    -Onion has been used as a home remedy for centuries in bronchitis. It is said to possess expectorant properties. It liquefies phelgm and prevents its further formation. The intake of half a teaspoon of raw onion juice first thing in the morning will be beneficial in such cases...
    -An emulsion of almonds is useful in bronchial diseases, including bronchitis. It is prepared by making a powder of seven kernels of almonds and mixing the powdered kernels in a cup of orange or lemon juice. This emulsion may be taken once daily at night...

  • Bronchitis Naturist Treatment,

  • "Asthma bronchitis naturist treatment are very common and this page was created to offer you an alternative or complementary treatment for asthma bronchitis.
    Herbal medicine has proven to be very effective in the treatment of acute and chronic bronchitis. The following treatments may be very useful in alleviating some of the symptoms...

  • Home Remedies for Bronchitis Cure - Effective and Easy to Prepare,

    The below given are some of the home remedies for bronchitis cure:
    * Take 2 cups fresh daikon juice and add honey to taste. Combine the juice and honey in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil and immediately remove from the heat. Drink, warm, twice a day. This is one of the useful home remedies for bronchitis.
    * Drink plenty of fluids to wash away the mucus.
    * Hot, spicy foods help mucous membranes all over, not just in your nose, to secrete more liquids, which can help thin mucus, which is easy to remove....
  • Acute Bronchitis - Home Treatment, from
  • Cough

  • Coughs - Home Treatment, from

  • "..Prevent dehydration. Fluids may help thin secretions and soothe an irritated throat. Dry, hacking coughs respond to honey in hot water, tea, or lemon juice. Do not give honey to children younger than 1 year of age ..
  • Home Remedies for ,

  • "...In case of severe and chronic cough, crush 2-3 garlic and some cloves. Add this to a glass of milk or water. Then boil the mixture till it reduces to half the original content. Filter this and add a little sugar to it for improving the taste. Drink this twice a day and continue this treatment for at least a week to see visible results. ...

    *see Health-Brain,
    (Sunday, June 28th of 2009 for a friend-Ry)

    "I can do everything through him who gives me strength."-Philippians 4:13

    Think You May Have A Migraine? The Symptoms Of Migraines

    Hi, I'm Dr. Paul Winner, Clinical Professor of Neurology and author of "7 Steps To A Healthy Brain".
    Today, my video focuses on symptoms of migraines that will help you tell if you have a migraine. ..

  • Natural cures for headaches, from

  • "..First, try having a bath. The hot water helps to release contracted muscles, and generally lets the whole body relax.
    Exercise is also an excellent idea; a brisk walk gets the circulation going again, and the fresh air can ease the pain of a headache.
    Many headaches are caused by dehydration, which causes muscle contraction (cramp). So make sure you drink plenty of water every day. You should imbibe at least six large glasses per day. This will help to improve your general health as well. ..

  • Natural Headache Cures video, from

  • "Several natural ways to cure headaches naturally and inexpensively. Migraines, severe headaches and pain can be relieved naturally. Visit "
  • Natural headache cures and headache remedies , from

  • "..There are several natural remedies for various types or headaches. The juice of three or four slices of lemon should be squeezed in a cup of tea and taken by the patient for treating this condition. It gives immediate relief. The crust of lemon, which is generally thrown away, has been found useful in headaches caused by heat. Lemon crusts should be pounded into a fine paste in a mortar and applied as plaster on the forehead. Applying the yellow, freshly pared-off rind of a lemon to each temple will also give relief...
    he best way to prevent headaches is to build up physical resistance through proper nutrition, physical exercise and positive thinking. As a first step, the patient should undertake a short fast, and take citrus fruit juices diluted with water every two hours from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. daily. Thereafter, he should plan his diet in such a way as to put the least possible strain on the digestion. Breakfast may consist of fruits, both fresh and dried. Lunch may consist of protein foods. Starchy foods such as wholewheat bread, cereals, rice, or potatoes should be taken at dinner along with raw salads. Spices, condiments, sour buttermilk, and oily foodstuffs should be avoided. Drinking a glass of water (warm water in winter and cool water in summer), mixed with a teaspoon of honey first thing in the morning, is also a good remedy. Copious drinking of water throughout the day is also advised.

  • 6 Easy Natural Remedies For Headaches, from

  • "Since I started eating a 95-100% raw vegetarian diet, it is very, very unusual that I get a headache. But once in a while I still do. These are the strategies that I take to get rid of them.
    1. Re-hydrate. Medical researchers still don't know fully understand why, but dehydration is a common trigger for all kinds of headaches. Whenever I notice the beginning of a headache, I make sure to drink pure water right away. If it's available, I drink fresh coconut water instead. ThatÕs because it is so high in electrolytes which serve to re-hydrate the cells of the body more quickly than plain water.
    2. Pressure massage. Acupressure often works to relieve pressure associated with a tension headache. I have had success by using my fingertips to push firmly on the very top of my skull while taking a few deep breaths. Try 30 seconds of pressure then 30 seconds of relaxation for 3-4 rounds. I also like to add in a neck firm neck massage....
    These natural headache remedies are best used with occasional headaches. If you have regular headaches of any kind there may be something else out of balance that you need to take care of. Some things to look at are:
    A. Your diet. Cut out all dairy and wheat products for at least a week. I've met some long term migraine sufferers who have totally eliminated their pain this way. Also, you may want to consider completing a thorough intestinal cleanse.
    B. Your spinal alignment. Misalignment of the spine is a major cause of tension headaches. Try yoga, a chiropractic session or a aindrop technique massage to begin to retrain the spine.
    C. Your hormones. If you are menopausal, talk to your doctor about using natural hormone replacement therapies.
    D. You electromagnetic environment. Limit your exposure to harmful EMF radiation from computers, cell phones, fluorescent lights and more. Visit my website for a detailed article on how to do this...

  • 11 Home Remedies for Migraine Headaches Tuesday, July 07, 2009

  • "...3. Tying a headband around the head
    Grosberg said this is a practice that's been done since ancient times, and he’s not sure how it came about, but some people claim it works.
    4. Fish oil
    Enthusiasts claim that fish oil reduces inflammation and works by restricting the blood vessels in your temples. Grosberg said there's no sound evidence, but he recommends trying it.
    5. Peppermint oil ...

    Below are some "medical conditions/terms" I've heard through prayer requests I've received:

    Stomach Infection
    Diverticulosis- is a condition in which the inner lining layer of the large intestine (the colon) bulges out through the outer, muscular layer. The "pouches" that develop when this happens are called diverticula. Most people with diverticulosis don't have any symptoms although a few patients may experience symptoms such as constipation, cramping, and bloating. Diverticulitis refers to inflammation and infection in one or more diverticula. Most patients who experience minor symptoms from diverticulitis are treated by increasing the fiber in the diet. Although surgery is not commonly used to treat diverticulitis, if the bulge is too large, surgery is may be necessary. This is because there is a higher chance of infection and bursting of these larger diverticula. Cost data shown here includes only those cases of diverticulitis that were treated using diet and medication, and do not include any cases where surgery was performed. (Blue Cross Blue Shield-Medical Cost-description

    Inflammatory bowel disease from webmd
    *just got an e-mail from a friend (Dan S.) on May 07'
    "is a disorder that causes chronic intestinal inflammation, abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea. The two main types of IBD are ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. These conditions are different from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a functional bowel that has no identifiable physical or chemical disorder. "

    *see Elderly, Old, Longevity, Senior Citizens, Wisdom, etc... Outreach

    "This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones."-Proverbs 3:8

    Arthritis & Osteoporosis

    "We are wonderfully made, so much so that this wonderful body we have been given can restore itself if it gets the right building blocks, depending on how much damage has been done."


  • "Arthritis isn't just 1 disease; it's a complex disorder that comprises more than 100 distinct conditions and can affect people at any stage of life. Two of the most common forms are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
    These 2 forms have very different causes, risk factors, and effects on the body, yet they often share a common symptom—persistent joint pain. The joint pain of arthritis can appear as hip pain, knee pain, hand pain, or wrist pain, as well as joint pain in other areas of the body. If you have joint pain, stiffness and/or swelling for more than 2 weeks, you may have arthritis. Make an appointment with your doctor. ..

  • Arthritis, from

  • "...Arthritis is a joint disorder featuring inflammation. A joint is an area of the body where two different bones meet. A joint functions to move the body parts connected by its bones. Arthritis literally means inflammation of one or more joints.
    Arthritis is frequently accompanied by joint pain. Joint pain is referred to as arthralgia...

  • WebMD Arthritis

  • "Did you know that there are more than 100 types of arthritis? Common arthritis symptoms of inflammation, pain, and stiffness are usually caused by degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis). Other types of arthritis include rheumatoid arthritis and gout. No matter which type of arthritis you have, you need an accurate diagnosis before your doctor can recommend a program for treatment..."
  • Dr. Reginal B. Cherry Teaches on Joint Health, from

  • "Dr. Cherry states that research has proven false the old theory that the more use a joint receives the quicker it wears out. He stated exercise actually causes more moisture and fluid to come into the joints, cushioning the cartilage and prolonging the health of the joint. Dr. Cherry states the focus of this teaching is on osteoarthritis, which is the wear and tear form of arthritis, rather than rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disorder. He stated arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States but it does not have to be an inevitable part of the aging process. Using a medical model Dr. Cherry illustrates the anatomy of the knee joint. He stated that with every step bone impinges on cartilage in the knee. Cartilage tissue is made up primarily of water and it needs to be kept plush and well-nourished with fluid to halt the degeneration process. The knees and hips are particularly prone to develop arthritis because they are weight-bearing joints. Arthritis causes a break-down of both bone and cartilage. When the cartilage becomes very thin in the knee joint, bone touches bone with every step and is very painful. The only solution to this is total joint replacement surgery. The bulge that occurs is a change in the bone due to inflammation in the cartilage. This is commonly seen in the finger joints. Arthritis will also develop in a joint that has been previously fractured or seriously injured. Dr. Cherry states there is a natural solution to the problem of arthritis. He refers to it as the 3-2-3 approach of treatment. There are three different issues to be addressed: Pain, Inflammation, and Cartilage Restoration. The natural substances that have been shown to stop the pain are: Turmeric, Tart Cherry, and Holy Basil. He stated these materials have been used for centuries to treat the pain of arthritis and a study conducted by the University of Michigan emphasized their pain killing ability. Scientists have recently discovered that these substances contain natural COX-s inhibitors, which is the pain- killing ingredient found in the widely used prescription medications, Celebrex and Vioxx. The natural products do not cause the side effects seen with the prescription medication."


    Video of miracle healing in street evangelism

    "A young woman gets prayer for long term arthritis by the marketplace in Dudley UK and receives miracle healing through the power of Jesus Christ. See blog for more exciting video testimonies!"

  • God's Power: Greater than Back and Arthritis Pain, from

  • "Rheumatoid Arthritis healed
    Candis was a normal happy child until one morning she awoke with her hips and knees terribly swollen and racked in pain. Overnight this family was thrown into a nightmare of the horrible possibility of an 8 year old little girl being crippled before their eyes. A specialist finally diagnosed her with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and said Candis had a 50% chance of being in a wheelchair within 6 months. Her parents asked for prayer. Candis cried through the night, unable to sleep because of the pain. We prayed. As the sun came up so did the power of Jesus Christ. Candis was healed that morning of an incurable disease. Last spring Candis walked normally across a stage with her graduating high school class....
    Arthritis healed
    Kathleen, age 84, had arthritis in her right knee, thigh, and hip. She had fallen several times, broken her ribs, and suffered black eyes and bruises all over from these falls. Finally, she was placed on a walker. On July 25, 1999 she was called out of the audience to be prayed for. She came up the isle slowly, leaning heavily on her walker. The power of God touched Kathleen. She was instantly healed and walked perfectly -- no walker, no arthritis....

    "A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones."-Proverbs 15:30

    spina bifida

  • Bible Cure, book from Dr. Colbert

  • "Dr. Colbert discusses new medical breakthroughs as well as the most up-to-date findings to give hope to all who are afflicted with arthritis. Discover life-changing treatments and learn to apply good nutritional principles to prevent the onset of arthritis...
  • Miracles do Happen, Dr. McDougall (healthy "vegan" diet) Program in California
  • Spina Bifida Association of America
  • Spina Bifida, from kids health
  • -Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Bible Cure for Arthritis, from Dr. Colbert
    1998 Newsletter from Dr. Mc Dougall


  • Home Remedies For Fever,

  • " Fever is an elevation in body temperature. It's the body's protective mechanism against infection. The elevation in temperature happens when our immune system is fighting off bacteria and viruses that could harm our body. Fever is our strongest weapon in the fight against infections or diseases. ..
    Home remedies for fever #4:Avoid eating solid foods until the fever is gone. You can replace the foods by drinking plenty of distilled water and/or juices. ...
    Home remedies for fever #6:Take cool bathes, fill a bath tub, submerge and lay down for 5' approximately. Repeat as needed until the fever is down.
    Home remedies for fever #7:If the fever does not exceed 102 degrees let it run its course. It helps the body to fight infection and eliminate toxins. ....

    Natural Fever Remedy

    "Uploaded by BeautyHealthTravel on Aug 23, 2010
    An easy natural remedy that is effective to reduce fever with vinegar and alcohol. It is better to sleep with the vinegar soaked socks and the head cover soaked with alcohol over night for the best results, or keep them on until the fever is reduced. "


  • Medicine Plus Encyclopedia, from National Institute of Health
  • Pneumonia Fact Sheet, from
  • Colon Cancer-Colonoscopy
    *friend had one recently and another person I know will this month (3/09)

    Colon Cancer

    "The most deathly disease shared among men and women-Colon cancer. "We are what we eat.":Dietitian. How to take care of your Colon health? Consult Aloe Expert in FLP. H/P:+6591457539 "

  • Colon Cancer-Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, etc..

  • 'Colon Cancer Overview
    The human colon is a muscular, tube-shaped organ measuring about 4 feet long. It extends from the end of your small bowel to your anus, twisting and turning through your abdomen (belly). The colon has 3 main functions.
    * To digest and absorb nutrients from food
    * To concentrate fecal material by absorbing fluid (and electrolytes) from it
    * To store and control evacuation of fecal material
    The right side of your colon plays a major role in absorbing water and electrolytes, while the left side is responsible for storage and evacuation of stool."


    From my personal experience working at a group home, I reccomend the following foods:

    -Bap (mix 1/2 cup of prune juice and All Bran cereal; and 1/4 cup of apple sauce; leave it overnight and eat it the next day) twice a day or so...
    -Prunes, rasins, etc..

    Related Site:

  • Constipation and Diet, from

  • " * Cereals like Hi-fibre Bran* and All Bran cereals*, fruit and bran cereals*, muesli* * Oats porridge * Breads and grains like rye bread*, wholewheat and brown bread, wheat biscuits, wholewheat pasta* * Dried fruit * Fresh fruit like figs*, oranges*, grapefruit*, apples*, bananas* * Vegetables like broccoli*, Brussels sprouts*, butternut*, green beans*, brinjal*, cooked beans*, lentils and split peas*, sweet potato*, potato carrots, spinach, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower * nuts* * samp and beans*"
  • New Choices in Natural Healing, from Mother

  • "While constipation is rarely serious, it usually means you�ve been depriving your body of essential stuff such as water, dietary fiber and adequate exercise. A long-term solution to constipation can be as simple as a daily walk and a few dietary changes. The natural remedies in this chapter, used with your doctor�s approval, may help prevent or relieve constipation, according to some health professionals."


  • Cause and Cures

  • "Hemroids are caused by increased pressure in the anus. The upright posture of humans forces a great deal of strain on the rectal veins, which sometimes causes them to bulge. Sitting in one place and straining while moving bowels (from constipation or hard stools) causes hemroids. Excessive rubbing, or cleaning of the rectum, diarrhea, sitting on the toilet too long, severe coughing, child birth, lifting heavy objects, anal infection cause hemroids. Other contributing factors include aging, chronic diarrhea or constipation, pregnancy hemroids, heredity, frequent use of laxatives or enemas, and straining during bowel movements."

    Cystic Fibrosis
    *just got a call (4/30/07) from a friend that their family member (infant-just less then 2 weeks) was diagnosed with this
    "also called mucoviscidosis, is a hereditary disease that affects the entire body, causing progressive disability and early death. Formerly known as cystic fibrosis of the pancreas, this entity has increasingly been labeled simply 'cystic fibrosis.'[1]
    Difficulty breathing and insufficient enzyme production in the pancreas are the most common symptoms. Thick mucous production as well as a low immune system results in frequent lung infections, which are treated, though not always cured, by oral and intravenous antibiotics and other medications. A multitude of other symptoms, including sinus infections, poor growth, diarrhea, and potential infertility (mostly in males) result from the effects of CF on other parts of the body. Often, symptoms of CF appear in infancy and childhood; these include meconium ilius, failure to thrive, and recurrent lung infections."

    Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
    Living With Cystic Fibrosis
    "This is an article that I wrote a few years ago and was featured in HmongToday:
    A lifelong believer in traditional spiritual healing (�ua neeb�), my passage to finding Jesus Christ (or �Yexus� as we Hmong know him) has caused a drift between me and the rest of my family.
    Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) when I was 12 years old, I have been fighting chronic lung disability for the majority of my life. A life threatening condition, CF has taught me a lot of things as well as raising a whole lot of questions."



  • Burn Awareness: Forty-Three Percent of All Burns Happen at Home One-third of all burns are scalding burns from hot liquids and vapors from

  • "... 43 percent of all burns happen at home. The kitchen is the most hazardous place for burn injuries to children under five. Scald injuries are the most common in children of a young age, and in Colorado, the most common pediatric burn occurs when children place their hands on the glass door of a fireplace..."
    Home Remedy Secrets: Direct Application

    "Build your own herbal apothecary with Home Remedy Secrets: Building Your Herbal Medicine Chest. Learn 19 herbs and how you can use them. This video is part of a course that is free on It is herbal home remedies made simple."


  • Burn, from

  • "Date: Friday, March 18, 2005 Time: 8:27 PM EST Cindy N. Ingredients: Mustard Instructions: Just spread regular mustard on a burn. Let dry. Use more as needed. My husband used to work in a pizza shop and one of the other workers closed his arm in the oven door. He put mustard on it and it took the pain away and he doesn't have a scar! I've used mustard on various burns...curling iron, hot pan, etc."
  • 29 Natural-Home Remedies

  • "..#5..thin slices of potatoes.."

    Anemia-low blood cells

  • What causes a low hemoglobin count?, - Terri / Michigan from

  • "Hemoglobin is the iron-rich protein in red blood cells that gives blood its red color. The normal range of hemoglobin is approximately 14 to 17 grams per deciliter for men and 12 to 16 grams per deciliter for women. A low hemoglobin count indicates a low red blood cell count (anemia). Anemia can have many causes, including:
    * Vitamin and iron deficiencies
    * Acute or chronic bleeding
    * Hormone deficiencies, such as thyroid hormone or testosterone
    * Chronic diseases, such as kidney failure, cancer and Crohn's disease
    * Autoimmune diseases, such as lupus
    * Side effect of certain medications, such as chemotherapy drugs
    Treatment depends on the underlying cause. "

  • Anemia FAQs of Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment | NAAC ..., from
  • Natural Cures for Anemia Updated: 09/22/2008 from

  • "[YEA] 09/02/2008: Kylie from Whitianga, New Zealand writes: "Blackstrap Molasses & Anemia: I have HYPERthyroidism and have to have blood tests every month which show low iron (but I've never been diagnosed as anemic). I tried Blackstrap Molasses for a month and my iron reading improved substantially.....
    [YEA] 01/21/2008: Tanya from Olympia, Wa writes: "I wrote back in November about my anemia and would like to report that I just got a blood test and my iron is 38 percent, way into the normal range. I have eaten cream of wheat with 2 tbls of unsulphered black strap molasses and raisins with flax seed every morning since September when I was diagnosed with fibroids. I have also been drinking 1 tbls of Mothers Apple Cider Vinegar with Apple Juice every day. During my cycle I drink it first thing in the morning because I read it helps to clot blood. My cycles have been very light and I just saw my Natropath Friday and she was amazed at how high I got my iron and how well I was doing. She also has me taking some liquid herbs to shrink the fibroid. My cycles have been great only thing is the last two were only 15 days apart. When I told my Dr. about this she said perhaps it is my body getting back on track? She wants me to go back in May to get an follow-up ultrasound. I will report back when I have that done.""

  • Natural-Home Remedies

  • "Another effective anemia treatment is to take sunbaths are also beneficial as sunlight stimulates the production of red cells. .."

    Feeling weak?
    (Monday, June 23rd of 2008)

    I've been meeting people just feeling weak lately, so I decided to send some encouraging uplifting for verses to a friend recently...

    "The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song."-Psalm 28:7

    "It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect."-Psalm 18:32

    I then told her that she should keep praising and worshipping God through singing...

    "Be exalted, O LORD, in your strength; we will sing and praise your might."-Psalm 21:13


    Dr. Reginald B. Cherry Teaches on Cardiovascular Health

    "Dr. Cherry teaches on cardiovascular health. He states coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and high blood pressure are devastating diseases that kill half of the body of Christ each year....
    Exercise, healthy diet, and supplements are the three important steps in keeping down blood pressure. Dealing with stress is another important aspect of cardiovascular health. When stress increases, arterial plaque buildup increases."

    High Blood Pressure?

    A close one shared (Sunday, February 1st of 09') about her challenge in keeping her blood pressure low, so I decided to look for some good tips...

    High Blood Pressure Tips & Treatments : Potassium Rich Food for High Blood Pressure

    "High blood pressure may be helped by a diet high in potassium. Learn more about the effects of potassium on blood pressure with tips from a doctor in this free health video. "

  • 5 Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure, from

  • "The chart shows lifestyle changes can reduce systolic blood pressure (the "top" number in a blood pressure reading). By lowering your systolic blood pressure, your diastolic blood pressure would likely come down as well."
    Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally, from
    "To reduce high blood pressure naturally, eat more frequent but smaller meals, reduce stressful aspects of everyday life, drink plenty of water and get regular mild exercise. Keep blood pressure low and healthy while losing extra weight and lowering stress levels with tips from a doctor of Oriental medicine in this free video on natural remedies."
  • Tips to Control High Blood Pressure-High Blood Pressure: Tips to Stop the Silent Killer, from University of Maryland
  • Top 10 Tips for Lowering Your Blood Pressure, from

  • "It’s one of the scariest diseases around and it affects one in four adults. It’s high blood pressure, the infamous silent killer.
    According to the American Heart Association, high blood pressure is so sneaky one out of three victims don’t realize they suffer from it.
    This message is of extreme importance to many dieters’ the risk of high blood pressure rises along with your weight
    The experts stress there are some simple things that can be done to keep you from becoming a victim of the silent killer .You’ll want to print out this important Top 10 and keep it handy. But first...HAVE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKED Many drug stores offer free screenings. It's important to keep updated on your numbers
    According to the American Heart Association, blood pressure of less than 140 over 90 is considered a normal reading for adults. A systolic pressure of 130 to 139 or a diastolic pressure of 85 to 89 needs to be watched carefully. A blood pressure reading equal to or greater than 140 over 90 is considered elevated or high.
    These sound tips compiled from the American Medical Association, and other resources may save your life. ..."


  • The Bible Cure for High Blood Pressure: by Dr. Don Colbert Author: Dr. Don Colbert, MD, from
  • Related Sites:
    Homily for the Seventeenth Sunday Year C by Fr. Tommy Lane
    "..The study was carried out on 22,000 people over nine years. Those who attend church weekly live 10% longer than those who do not. People doubted the results of the findings because they said regular church goers live healthier lives but the study had already taken that into account and had already made adjustments for lower rates of alcohol and tobacco use among church goers. So the researchers stood over their results. Recently Duke University released the results of a study on 4,000 people over the age of 65. Those who prayed regularly had significantly lower blood pressure than those who did not. Those who attended religious services had healthier immune systems. More findings from Duke University and from Dartmouth and Yale Universities show that people in hospital who never attend church regularly have an average stay in hospital three times longer than those who do attend church regularly. Elderly people who never or rarely attend church have a stroke rate almost double that of those who do go to church. Studies in Israel show that religious people have a 40% lower death rate from cardiovascular disease and cancer. So the data is there, the secret is out of the bag, prayer works...

  • Alcohol
  • Appendicitis, only and hopefully last and only surgery story
  • Arthritis
  • Auditory
  • Bladder, learn from others
  • Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Brain, Mind, etc..

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Digestive
  • Foods

  • Headaches
  • Hearing
  • Heart
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Kidney
  • Mental Illness, shizophrenia and others
  • Mouth-Teeth, Tongue, etc...
  • Neurological, Movement, etc..Disorders
  • Nose

  • Overeating
  • Physical Injury bones-knee, back, etc�
  • Physically Challenged

  • Autism
  • Sex
  • Sight, blind, eyeware, etc..

  • Skin, rashes, moles, zits, etc...
  • Tobacco
  • Weak



  • Foods to Avoid, from BL Publications
  • Halleluah Acres
  • Essential Oils

  • Abundant Health

  • Reference Guide for Essential Oils, compiled by Connie and Allan Higley
    *book borrowed to me during the Stevens County Fair on August 12th of 2005 by Linda Budde from Melrose
    Critics: (quackwatch)

    Organic Essential Oils
    "There are 188 references to oils in the Bible. The wise men brought the Christ Child gold, frankincense and myrrh. (Clinical research now shows that frankincense oil contains very high immune stimulating properties.) In Exodus God gives Moses the formula for "an holy anointing oil". (Exodus 30:22-25) Some of the precious oils which have been used since antiquity for anointing and healing the sick are frankincense (17 times), myrrh (17 times), galbanum, hyssop, cassia, cinnimon, and spikenard. Science is only now beginning to investigate the incredible healing substances found in essential oils. "

    "And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh."-Matthew 2:11

    Mentioned 417 Times, from Blue Letter Bible

    Christ Story Christmas Symbols
    How Stuff Works?
    Wikepedia Dictionary

    Herbs & Supplements

    Other Companies:
    Aroma Therapy
    A World of Aroma Therapy
    Ein Gedi Cosmetics
    Herbal Remedies


  • Antioxidants, health topic by CBN
  • B Vitamin Side Effects, from nutritionfarm forum
  • Facts About Vitamin B12 from National Institute of Health
  • Martha B12, order online B12 pills that dissolve under your tongue and get points!

  • *talked with Martha on 4/17/04, who lives on Scottsdale, AZ; contact me for my account # to order!
  • B12 Side Affects, from all refer
  • Vitamin B12 in the Vegan Diet

  • =>Where can you get some Vitamin B12? (click here scroll to Quickstar: Nutrilite)
  • Double X Delivers
  • Products: Double X Energy Drink
  • Double X vs. Others
  • -Difficiency Tests Balance Your Nutrition Kits
    Vitamin Test from health A-Z

    *more businness related opportunities


  • Vitamin World

  • *I first used this after trying their product out at Albertville's Outlet Mall

    Comparing Health Products

  • Nutritional Supplement Info, facts and resources as consumers
  • Vitamin Brand Ratings
  • Vitamins Nutrition,

    Pain in your...


  • Rotator cuff injuries, from post grad med
  • -Miscellaneous

  • Massage Therapy and Body Work, from
  • Soothing the Pain of Bursitis and Tendinitis, from
  • ALS/Lou Gherig Disease
    *see New York Yankees


  • "ALS: �Death sentence� harbinger of so much life Morris Sun Tribune Published Saturday, May 19, 2007 By Tom Larson Sun Tribune
    " A benefit spaghetti supper for Curt and Lori Wiese is Wednesday, May 23, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., at Assumption Church in Morris. Curt last year was diagnosed with ALS, a progressive and fatal neuromuscular disease. Curt Wiese was almost relieved when doctors concluded he suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig�s Disease.
    Wiese had been dealing with many painful effects of the progressively fatal disease. In recent years, he had surgeries on his neck, shoulder esophogus and heart.
    Those procedures all worked, but didn�t really make his life any better. Curt and his wife of 10 years, Lori, last summer sought further tests.
    The results were not good. But what the Wieses have learned throughout their ordeal is that so many people are.
    Friends, relatives, even strangers have emerged in flocks to help the couple with household chores and offer gifts to help ease Curt�s daily routine.
    And the community is sponsoring a benefit spaghetti supper on Wednesday, May 23, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., at Assumption Church in Morris.
    There will be a free-will offering at the supper, or donations can be sent to: Wiese Benefit, Bremer Bank, P.O. Box 626, Morris, MN, 56267.
    All that�s being done to help the former Morris Police Chief has left him and Lori awestruck as they continue to contend with the unknowns of ALS.
    �It�s a death sentence, but a lot of positives have come out of it,� Curt said. �We do a lot of crying -- a lot of happy crying. It lets you know again how great it is living in a small town.�
    Stunned but not surprised
    Wiese, a 62-year-old Hancock native, returned to West Central Minnesota after a stint in the Army in Korea and served his hometown as police chief. He he also served the Roseville police department for 10 years before spending seven years as Tracy�s police chief.
    Wiese returned to the area as Morris Police Chief in 1987 and served in that position until he retired in 2001.
    A devoted walker, he met Lori during one of his strolls, and they celebrated their 10th anniversary this week.
    A few years after his retirement, Curt began noticing a chronically stiff neck. Then, the other maladies began to crop up.
    �It�s a hard disease to diagnose,� Curt said. �What really got me was the stiff neck. (Doctors) really think I had this four or five years before I was diagnosed. That�s the weird thing about ALS -- everyone�s different.�
    Lori worked in long-term care for 26 years and still works at the Courage Cottage and filling in in discharge at Stevens Community Medical Center. Her medical background didn�t prepare her for Curt�s diagnosis.
    �I was totally devastated,� she said. �I had to lay down on the floor; I thought I was going to die. I took care of people for a long time and I never had anyone with ALS. But I knew what is was.�
    Curt was stunned but not really surprised.
    �I was pretty accepting of it because I finally knew what I had,� he said. �It was almost a relief. It�s not something you look forward to, but it helps you to appreciate a lot.�
    Community cares
    As Curt�s ALS progressed, so, too, did the community�s outpouring.
    His weakened condition made it almost impossible for Curt to continue the long walks he and Lori often took. But a community member had a brand new scooter that wasn�t being used so he loaded it up, brought it to the Wiese�s home and showed him how to operate it. Recently, the couple made it all the way around a Morris walking trail, Lori on foot and Curt on the scooter.
    Others have shown up unannounced to paint the deck at their home. The stories of calls made, the errands run, the generosity offered are almost countless, Lori said.
    �This town is incredible,� she said. �We�re humbled.�
    Under no illusions
    The Wieses are under no illusions about their future.
    Some people with ALS live years, some barely make it months beyond their diagnosis. The Wieses attend a support group in St. Cloud for those dealing with ALS. There they met the parents of a 39-year-old woman who discovered she had ALS in December 2006.
    �They already buried her,� Lori said.
    What makes the disease particularly insidious in that sufferers� mental functions remain intact as their bodies fail.
    �If you live long enough, you�ll eventually be totally paralyzed,� Curt said. �You know what�s going on.�
    For the more than 127 years that doctors have known about ALS, there�s been only one drug found to slow its progression. And that drug is effective in only some patients and for only about three months. Still, the Wieses say the $900 per month cost of the drug is worth it.
    �It it�s three months longer out of a wheelchair or three months longer out of a walker, you�ve going to do it,� Lori said. �It�s a life.�
    What also has made ALS research painstaking is that it is so rare.
    Only about 5,000 cases are diagnosed nationally per year, and about 100 cases in Minnesota are discovered each year.
    Because former Minnesota Twins star Kent Hrbek�s dather died of ALS, Hrbek and the Twins are involved in the fight. The Wieses were able to attend a recent Twins game, and Wiese has rubber bracelets from the team imprinted with �Strike Out ALS.�
    But there needs to be more attention paid to the disease if a cure is a possibility.
    �It�s such a rare disease it doesn�t attract the attention or the money others do,� Curt said.
    Blessing a benefit
    But Curt has attracted the attention of those around the area.
    One night, friends called up to say they had pizza and were on their way over to share. But they had an ulterior motive: Talking the Wieses into giving their blessings to the benefit supper.
    �They were here to bribe us,� Curt said with a smile.
    While the Wieses were reticent, they finally conceded to the idea. In a way, letting the community help is a way of helping the community.
    �One of the positives from this is that you get to see how good people are,� Curt said. �Some people just can�t do enough. I can�t thank them enough.� "



  • Schillings look to strike out Lou Gehrig's disease By Seth Livingstone, USA TODAY Baseball Weekly 12/19/2001 - Updated 10:29 AM ET

  • "The Schillings became involved with the ALS foundation through the Phillies. After meeting an ALS patient, they decided this was the right cause to which to devote their efforts. Thus, Schilling's Pitch for ALS was born. Schilling donates $200 for each of his strikeouts and $1,000 for each victory.
    ..Schilling said the holiday season has taken on deeper meaning since he became a Christian five years ago.
    "For me it's about family and giving thanks," he said. "It's a time when we get to be a 'normal' family for a brief period of time. It's impossible to have this kind of atmosphere during the season." "


  • A Christian Testimony of Thanksgiving, from

  • "In 1997, at the age of 58, my mother died of a much accelerated case of Lou Gehrig�s Disease. I will admit that I doubted God for a short period of time and even questioned his methods, wondering how my mom�s death would accomplish the goal of my father�s salvation. But eventually I came to the realization that God was in control, nothing catches him off guard and he alone knows what�s best for each one of his children. "

  • "A Kansas woman who had been unable to speak for nearly three years due to what was believed to be Lou Gehrig�s disease unexpectedly began speaking on Halloween, the Associated Press (AP) reported. A patient at Medicalodge North Post-Acute Care Center in Arkansas City, De Glaze spoke first to her husband, Joe. �She said, �Thank you,�� he told the AP. �It just happened suddenly, and then, wham, she took off [talking]. Then she started complaining.� Joe said his wife�s doctors said they had never seen a Lou Gehrig�s patient regain his or her voice after losing it....."

    *posted on Wednesday, July 25th of 2007

  • Allergies, from

  • "Causes of Allergies..It is also caused by excessive consumption of refined and processed foods, loaded with numerous chemical additives, many of which cause powerful reactions. Emotional and psychological stress can also lead to allergies...
    Improving Health with Nutrition : Natural Allergy Remedies

  • Allergies,

  • "..What Causes Allergies :
    One of the primary causes of allergies is an impaired immune system, which substantially increases the risk of allergic reactions. " This occurs when the immune system becomes stressed due to an overload of toxins, " says C. Gableman, MD, a practitioner of environmental medicine in Encinitas Ca. ..
    Treatment of Allergies :
    "In order for true healing of allergies to occur, it is necessary to address their cause rather than just treat the outward manifestations or symptoms", says Dr Wilkinson. " This involves identifying the substances a person is allergic to and eliminating them from the diet and environment. At the same time, the body needs to be purged of toxins and the immune system needs to be stimulated....
    Diet and Nutrition :
    ...One way to ensure that the body is receiving a greater supply of nutrients from food, while at the same time minimizing the risk of exposure to allergenic foods, is to increase the variety of foods eaten and rotate them so that they aren't eaten too frequently. This is known as a "rotation diet". ..
    Keys of Healing :
    Avoid white sugar, and everything made with it....
    Regularly practice juice fasting. This will cleanse your system of toxins and residues.

  • WebMD

  • "Allergies -- they�re frustrating, irritating, sometimes life-threatening. Why are some people sensitive to the most ordinary things � milk, nuts, dust -- while others are not? How can you tame an allergy? The experts at WebMD have brought together the best information to help you put your allergies to rest." Allergies: Blood Testing for Allergies, from Webmd
    "Blood tests are sometimes performed to find out what triggers an allergic reaction and are often used if a patient has a skin condition or is taking medications, such as antihistamines. Such medications can interfere with an allergy skin test, which is a common test used to identify allergy triggers, but in general do not interfere with allergy blood tests."

    Trouble Sleeping?

    My dad would always tell me to reflect on my day right before going to bed. This only helps with your memory (mind exercise) and know what errands to do the following day, but also helps me go to bed. Also, I make a list of "praise reports" or blessings ("Count Your Blessings Before you go to bed") in a little pocket calender each day. I then read the Bible- a verse or chapter that pertains to my day as part of my meditation/prayer....

  • Sleeping Verses-Q: Where is the verse that helps you sleep?, from

  • "5. Meditate on the Lord and the things of God (as taught in the Bible) as you go to bed. David testified, "I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety" (Psalm 4:8). The peace of God allows us to sleep. How do we get this peace? First, as I said earlier, make sure that things are right between you and God. Confess your known sins to God and commit yourself to His service. Second, get the word of God in you. That is, read the Bible as you settle down for the evening. This does not have to be your main Bible-reading time. In fact, I often use this time to go over some memory verses. Just get God's word in you. A reading from the Psalms would be very helpful. "

    "I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. Footnotes:"-Psalm 4:8

    More Verses:

    My Memoirs: Trouble Sleeping?
    "My prayer for you is that you would allow God to wrap you in His arms and rock you to sleep tonight. I pray that He will quiet your mind and calm your heart. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has its own worries. May He give you the peace that passes all understanding. I pray that you will be still so that you can hear His still, small voice... can you hear Him? There's nothing better than to fall asleep in the arms of Jesus. Allow Him to sing you to sleep. I pray you will have pleasant dreams. My the Lord bless you and keep. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you peace. Amen."


  • Stop Snoring Cure

  • "..It is important to keep in mind that the individual with sleep apnea is hardly ever aware of having trouble breathing, even upon being woken. It remains a disorder only apparent to others and not the patient since there is no obvious discomfort. Sleep apnea is often recognized as a problem by those who witness the individual during such episodes. Yet another reason to suspect sleep apnea can be its effects on the body which include extreme lethargy, fatigue or sleepiness.."
  • Stop Snoring With Simple 2 Steps by Anthony Chen

  • "Many chronic snorers have complaint that most of the snoring products does not permanently cure their snoring. And this is not far from the truth. In essence, snoring devices relieve snoring, and not a permanent cure. But, do not be disheartened and concede defeat to snoring just yet, apply the 2 step approach might just help you stop snoring tonight...
  • Snoring Remedies & Cures

  • Sleep Acnea

  • Cure Sleep Apnea, with health remedies from help-me-to-sleep
  • Sleep Apnea, symptons, cures, from
  • -Reggie White

  • Joy Ministries
  • Reggie White's Death Linked to Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Keeping Young Looking and Living Long (see Elderly)

  • 10 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Take Years Off of Your Appearance From Daniel Billett (

  • "..With all of the makeover shows on television, new anti-aging cosmetics, and general obsession with staying young looking, its no surprise that people are willing to spend small fortunes on products and procedures to look and feel younger. But you don�t have to break the bank to look and feel your best. Here are ten easy and inexpensive ways to take years off of your appearance and keep it that way.."
  • Tips for Feeling Young and Looking Good, from

  • "1. Sleep Well
    The average adult needs 8 hours of sleep. So get some shut-eye. If you have trouble sleeping, try meditation, deep breathing, herbal teas (chamomile) or aromatherapy (lavender and clary sage are the best).
    2. Eat Healthy
    A low stress diet is very beneficial,this means low in sugar, starches and fat. Eat six small meals a day and maintain a balanced diet. CoQ10 and Vitmain E are excellent antioxidants that scavenge free radicals.
    3. Have A Sense of Humor
    Laughter really is the best medicine. Try reading the comics in the newspaper or being silly with a child. Find something to "lighten" your mood each day.
    4. Try Something New or Wacky
    Take a belly dancing class or woodworking workshop. Visit
    5. Keep Your Cool
    Self-control and patience are keys to living a stress-reduced life. You can not control what people do or say to you, just how you react to the situation.
    6. Stay Active
    Exercise not only keeps your body looking good, it also releases endorphins. Join a fitness program or start walking more each day.
    7. Have Loving, Supportive, and Positive Relationships
    Surround yourself with people who share your interests and are encouraging. Toxic friendships and relationships are energy drainers.
    8. Be Honest
    Lying means always trying to keep up and remember the lie. This can become a major cause of stress.
    9. Think Positive.
    Our negative thoughts and fears consume our lives if we let them. Living with past regrets, guilt or resentment is detrimental to your health. Try changing the way you think, it's difficult, but not impossible. A good resource is
    10. Love Yourself
    Work on your self-image and self-esteem issues. Don't compare yourself to others, and avoid being too critical about your appearance..."

  • The Key To Keeping Your Mind And Body Young Content Provided By BIE Health (from

  • "..The Human growth hormone (HGH) might be a key element in feeling your best as you age. When HGH was first discovered, its only purpose was thought to be to stimulate body growth to adult size. Recent studies have found that one of the main reasons the body ages is because of the decrease in HGH, which helps the body regenerate.
    ...For more information on HGH and the GHR capsule please visit or call (877) 849-4777

  • Hollywood Secrets to Looking Younger From Julyne Derrick, Your Guide to Beauty. May 25 2008 9 Top Tips From Dermatologists & Skin Care Pros

  • "...Secret #7: They stay out of the sun Nicole Kidman is famously afraid of the sun. She stays out of it at all costs. In fact, many celebrities simply avoid that sun by wearing hats and slathering on sunscreen. They know the sun is the No. 1 cause of prematurely aging skin.
    You and I can avoid the sun by not only wearing hats, but getting in the habit of wearing sunscreen every day, no matter the weather. (I'm also a big fan of teaching sons and daughters about sunscreen very early in life). Find out what the best sunscreen in the world is here . "

    Benefits of Donating Blood

    Event Date/Time: Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008 12:30 pm
    End Date/Time: Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008 6:30 pm
    Location: Oyate Hall
    Sponsored by: UMM Blood Drive Committee (For more information contact:
    Come Give Blood at the Fall Blood Drive. Help save a life!
    Appointment Sign up with be across from the Turtle Mountain Cafe a couple weeks before the Drive.
    If you would like to volunteer at the sign in table or canteen these sign ups will also be up a couple weeks before the drive.
    If you have any questions please e-mail Shilo @

    Related Sites:

  • American Association of Blood Banks
  • American Red Cross
  • Evidence suggests that giving blood has health benefits April 26, 2000 Web posted at: 12:56 PM EDT (1656 GMT) By Michael Alvear (CNN)
    " (WebMD) -- At a time when blood banks report dangerously low supplies, the best argument for rolling up your sleeve is still to do someone else some good. But if University of Florida researcher Jerome Sullivan, M.D., is right -- and there's new evidence to suggest he is -- giving blood could also save your life.
    Here's why. Each time you give blood, you remove some of the iron it contains. High blood iron levels, Sullivan believes, can increase the risk of heart disease. Iron has been shown to speed the oxidation of cholesterol, a process thought to increase the damage to arteries that ultimately leads to cardiovascular disease.
    Sullivan has long suspected that blood iron levels help explain why a man's risk of heart disease begins earlier than a woman's. Women lose blood -- and lower their iron levels -- each time they menstruate. Men, on the other hand, begin storing iron in body tissues starting in their twenties, which is just about the time their heart attack danger begins to climb.
    According to Victor Herbert, M.D., a hematologist at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, there are normally about 1,000 milligrams of iron "stored" in the average adult man's body but only about 300 milligrams in a premenopausal woman's. Once women stop menstruating, however, their iron levels -- and their heart disease risk -- begin to climb, eventually matching that of men.
    Not everyone's convinced by Sullivan's notion. "I do not believe there is proof of an association between iron level and the risk of heart disease in men with normal iron metabolism," says Peter Tomasulo, M.D., a director at the International Federation of Red Cross Societies. "The data is preliminary at best." Most scientists, in fact, still think estrogen is probably the most important reason why women are protected from heart disease until they reach menopause.
    But several recent findings lend support to the possibility that iron levels play a role. In research reported last year in the journal Circulation, Swedish scientists found that men with a genetic abnormality that causes slightly elevated blood iron levels had a 2.3-fold increase in heart attack risk. A second study published in the same journal found that women with the abnormal gene were also at greater risk of cardiovascular disease. Together, Sullivan believes, those studies offer new support for his iron hypothesis.
    Proof won't come until researchers conduct large and well-controlled studies that compare the heart disease risk of men who regularly give blood with that of men who don't. Already several small studies have been done, however, offering tantalizing evidence that donating blood might be a very good idea.
    Take, for example, a study of 2,682 men in Finland reported in the September 1998 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology. Men who donated blood at least once a year had an 88 percent lower risk of heart attacks than nondonors. Another study published in the August 1997 issue of Heart found that men who donated blood were less likely than nondonors to show signs of cardiovascular disease.
    Critics are quick to point out that people who donate blood may simply be healthier to start with. Yet a 1995 study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine found that the use of bleeding to lower iron levels in a group of 14 patients did reduce cholesterol oxidation. It's another small piece of evidence in support of the benefits of donating blood. By now, Sullivan insists, "there is abundant evidence that favors a public health recommendation to lower iron stores." What's more, he says, there is no risk to a healthy person donating blood, and potentially significant benefit.
    Blood banks, for their part, have been a bit squeamish about any motivation for donations other than altruism, even though there's a dire shortage in the blood supply. Self-interest has tainted the blood supply before: Thirty years ago when blood banks paid for blood, some donors would lie about their medical histories so they'd get the money. "People who had a self-interest in donating blood were more likely to have hepatitis and other diseases," Sullivan says.
    Today, however, blood is carefully screened for all known blood-borne diseases. And while many doctors aren't yet convinced by Sullivan's iron hypothesis, they all agree on the wisdom and compassion of giving blood. "With all the precautions blood banks take," says Herbert. "There is virtually no risk to donating blood."
    © 2000 Healtheon/WebMD. All rights reserved."

    The Incredible Health Benefits of Donating Blood By Kristie Leong M.D., published Feb 21, 2008 Published Content: 1,465 Total Views: 969,572 Favorited By: 192 CPs
    "It only takes about an hour out of your busy schedule and it may save a life. Donating blood may not only benefit the person who received the blood cells but may also improve the health of the donor. What are the potential health benefits of donating blood?
    While the most obvious health benefit of donating blood is the wonderful feeling derived from giving something vital to someone who needs it, the benefits of donating blood may extend far beyond this to having a positive impact on the donor's health.
    Studies have shown that, in general, Americans tend to consume more iron on a daily basis than is necessary for good health. Ingestion of quantities of iron beyond a certain quantity can promote formation of free radicals in the body. Free radicals have justly earned their reputation for causing cellular changes which can disrupt normal cell function and increase the risk of certain chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer..."

  • Donating blood: Dr. Harvey Klein Monday, Jan. 8, 1 p.m. ET (USA

  • "...West Point, Utah: Are there any health benefits from giving blood? If there are, why are these stats not made public?
    Dr. Harvey Klein: There are several benefits. The first and most important is that you receive a health history and a limited examination as well as laboratory studies every time you donate blood. So the process of donation has health benefits. There are also a set of studies that show that blood donation is beneficial to your heart. While the medical community doesn't have absolute proof, and we are not sure why that might be, it does appear that people who donate blood regularly may have less heart disease..."

    Recommended Resources



  • Free Morris Area Health Fair Jan. 20 at RFC Published January 14 2011

  • Times for the free event are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
    "The Morris Area Health Fair is Thursday, Jan. 20, at the Regional Fitness Center in Morris.
    Times for the free event are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Child care is available from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and sandwiches will be served.
    Free screenings include blood pressure, body fat percentage, hearing screening, flu shots and spine and foot screenings.
    There also will be learning sessions on medications, ballet, wellness, protein shakes, flu vaccines, autism, gluten-free eating, group fitness, children's activities and water workouts.
    For more information, contact Wayne Morford at ."

    Forum Online

  • Healthy Fishies

  • "a community of everyday like minded individuals just like you who are interested in sharing with one another our trials and triumphs in achieving our health and wellness goals. We strive to be able to talk with one another openly regarding diseases and natural cures. We are dedicated to bringing to you the latest in Holistic, Natural Cures, Remedies, Alternative Health and information on good old fashioned wholesome down to earth foods and Healthy Living. We promote Organic, Natural and Chemical-free living and would even venture to say we wish to "go green" and are currently expanding into this area as well. We love what we do here and hope that you will come to love it as well."
    *run by local church (Morris Community Church) family


  • Midwest Health Benefits
  • Hospital/Medical/Clinic

  • Stevens County Medical Center
  • State-GoodnewsMinnesota


  • Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Insurance


  • Health Care & Coverage, from the Minnesota Dept. of Health

  • Guide
  • Health Insurance

  • "..In 2007 Minnesota lost its designation as the healthiest state in which to live, being edged out by Vermont. Still, it's a most excellent place to live with top ten rankings in 12 of the 20 measurements taken by a health care foundation.
    Minnesota leads the nation in the fewest mental health days taken, fewest cardiovascular deaths and least premature deaths. It's also a good state to bring a baby into the world as only one other state ranks higher for low infant mortality.
    Minnesota drops into the bottom 25 rankings in only two categories: it places 41st in combating binge drinking and 27th in, strangely enough, access to adequate prenatal care.
    Minnesota's uninsured population grew from 7.9 percent to 9.2 in the last year, dropping it from its previous achievement as best in the nation down to number 4. Part of this may be due to cutbacks in MinnesotaCare, a state progam for children and others in poverty."

  • USA Benefits Group

  • *met Randy Brady, a representative, who I ran into while waiting for a tire replacement at Tire Plus in St. Paul today (Saturday, May 10th of 2008)
  • Where to Get Low Cost Minnesota Health Insurance from

  • "Looking for a health insurance plan in Minnesota that won't cost you an arm and a leg? Here's how to find low cost Minnesota health insurance with a reliable carrier."
    Lower Rates Quotes
  • E Health Insurance

  • -Others
  • Deruyter Associates
  • Minnesota Health Info
  • Minnesota Health Network

  • -Providers
  • Assurant Health
  • Health Partners
  • Medica
  • Preferred One Company
  • Nation-GoodnewsUSA

    Body Diagram

  • Thinking about drink! What do you know?, from BBC (UK)
  • Books

  • Natural Cures, by Kevin Trudeau

  • *watched an interview (July 2005) on Trinity Broadcasting Network, which I personally thought was very informational. He humbly admit that the FTC (see coral) don't accept his product(s) because he feels they see him as a "threat" to the real truth=>
    "�They� in this case are really several government agencies� U.S. government agencies�and other agencies around the world, and the drug industry primarily, but also it involves the food industry. There are certain groups, including government agencies, as well as the food industry, the drug industry, and even some news and television and newspaper organizations that don't want people to know about cures for diseases that are all natural because people can't make money on all-natural cures. So there are in fact cures for cancer. There are cures for diabetes. There are cures for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There are cures�all-natural cures�for Attention Deficit Disorder, migraine headaches. . . "-HSU & Co
    -books: Lose Weight in 30 Days (from 911healthshop), Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About (from isawitontv), and Mega Memory (from selfgrowth)
    Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About


    How to Avoid College Weight Gain (The Freshman 15) : How to Keep Healthy Foods in Your Dorm Room

    "Avoid gaining weight in college (the Freshman 15) with these tips today! This free video answers the questions: What kind of healthy foods can I keep in my dorm room?"
    *I gained 10lbs my freshmen year while attending college!


  • Dr. Colbert

  • *personally feel his credibility is high because of his presence in many shows I've seen (eg. TBN)
  • Dr. McDougall

  • *saw his show for the first time today (Tuesday, October 11th of 2005) on TBN (M-F @10:30am CDT-Channel 53-Morris' Hometown Solutions)


    English Vocabulary - Parts of the Body

    "Homemade video for ESL students - Parts of the body "
    Related Sites:
    Learn English - Human Body Vocabulary, from
    doctor patient ESL, from
    "ESL students roleplay a medical problem involving an elbow. "


  • Human Body Lessons.., from
  • The Body-ESL Resources,from
  • Body Parts-Welcome to Simply ESL!
    *see Free Online Medical Diagnosis, from

    GoodnewsEverybody: Liberal Arts-English Oral, online course project
    Sal's Functional Lesson Health Dr Visit: Video
    Sal's Doctor-Patient Terminology
    Sal's Functional Lesson Health Dr Visit: Dialog
    Sal's Doctor-Patient Activity Dialog Sample
    *see Pepto-Bismol
    Sal's Doctor-Patient Role Play Activity
    Sal's Doctor Activity Sheet
    Sal's Patient Activity Sheet


  • Diagnosis/diagnostic test - English Questions - eslHQ
  • Lesson: Seeing a Doctor, from (Word Document)
  • Dialogs-Practice Conversations, from
  • Doctor's Visit, from esl-lab (w/quiz)
  • Hospital Visit, flashcards from Hospital
  • Medical Advice, from esl-lab (w/audio exercise)
  • English Multi-Media Course, from (w/exercises, etc..)

  • Role Play
  • A Visit to the Doctor's: AN ESL Role-play by Chris Gunn from

  • Videos
  • Doctor-Visit from
  • The doctor and the patient

    "video activity "
  • Real ESL Video Lesson 24 - Telling a Story about What Other People Said, from

  • English for Medical Purposes, from

  • ESL Printables
  • Free Medical Flashcards, from Hospital
  • Health-ESL Resources, flashcards from

  • Study - At the doctor's - vocabulary with pictures - (Click on 2nd year - Intermediate) - with interactive exercises (
  • Online English Vocabulary, quiz exercises from Learn English Feel
  • Visiting the Doctor, from
  • Hospitals-Medical


  • How to Talk to Your Doctor, from

  • *see
    Patient-Physician Communication

    " - Knowing the limited time you have with your physician, being clear on what you want to address and how you want make a decision is key in ensuring you have the best possible encounter with your physician. Dr Russo provides 10 steps you can take to improve communication with your physician. "

    *see Financial "Wisdom", Advice, Budgeting, Tips, etc...

    Health Insurance Policy Terms

    " So what are the differences in health care planes, and which one is best for you? This presentation will provide some information. But first: what is health insurance? Health insurance is a form of group insurance, where policy holders share the risk. Not everyone gets sick at the same time, so most of the premiums go to paying the expenses of those who are. For the most part, in the United States, health insurance is provided by private insurance companies who must make a profit. ."

  • Health Insurance
  • Blue Cross Caresupport, a program to your personal health assessment
  • HSA Frequently Asked Questions, from U.S. Treasury

  • " A Health Savings Account is an alternative to traditional health insurance; it is a savings product that offers a different way for consumers to pay for their health care. HSAs enable you to pay for current health expenses and save for future qualified medical and retiree health expenses on a tax-free basis.
    You must be covered by a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) to be able to take advantage of HSAs. An HDHP generally costs less than what traditional health care coverage costs, so the money that you save on insurance can therefore be put into the Health Savings Account.
    You own and you control the money in your HSA. Decisions on how to spend the money are made by you without relying on a third party or a health insurer. You will also decide what types of investments to make with the money in the account in order to make it grow."

    HSA; Spend or Save?

    "A look at the pros and cons of spending your HSA dollars vs your personal savings."
  • Medicare, U.S. Government
  • My Medicare, register own account
  • Tips for Living Without Health Care Insurance By Lucy Gordon, published Dec 09, 2005

  • "- Open a savings account that is solely devoted to funds for health related issues; such as doctor's appointments, prescription, etc. This will provide a nest egg for medical bills when you need it. One plus to this system is that you are not paying a monthly premium to an insurance company for coverage that you may not use for months on end. Any money deposited into a savings account remains there until needed; it is not forfeited or lost if not used.
    - Consider purchasing a health care discount card. There are plenty of companies that offer a card for a small monthly fee that will give you discounted services through participating doctors, dentists, and pharmacies. While this is not insurance, it is an affordable way to access health care.
    - Look for doctors and dentists offering sliding scale fees for people in lower income brackets. Also, look for doctors and dentists offering reduced fees for services, regardless of income.
    - Some doctors and dentists will consider payment plans, if you can not pay the full amount.
    - If you are in need of emergency care, go to the ER. A 1986 Federal Law prohibits hospitals that participate in Medicare, which is most American hospitals, from turning away anyone in need of urgent or emergency treatment, even if that person is unable to pay. (This is only for urgent care, however.)
    - If you are able to, consider applying for Medicaid or Medicare. "

  • Save on Taxes, Save on Health Care Expenses, from

  • How to survive your hospital bills, from

  • They could be vastly inflated or laden with errors, but even so, don't ignore them. You might be able to negotiate down what you owe or erase your bills completely.
    By Liz Pulliam Weston
    "You may face a wildly inflated bill.
    As backward as it may seem, hospitals often charge uninsured patients far more than the discounted prices given to insurance companies and government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. The "sticker price" for rooms, drugs and medical care for an uninsured person can be two or three times the price paid by insurers, according to the National Consumer Law Center.
    The hospital may not tell you that you could qualify for free care or discounts.
    Most hospitals have some kind of financial aid for strapped patients. A typical charity program would erase bills entirely for people whose incomes equal 200% or less of federal poverty limits, and it would offer discounts for those with incomes up to 400% of those limits. But hospitals may not publicize these programs or provide much guidance on how to apply.
    7 ways to handle the hospital
    With that the case, you need to know how to protect yourself if you're facing a big hospital bill and your insurance is inadequate or nonexistent:..

  • 5 Ways to Lower Your Medical Bills

  • "Work up the courage to ask.
    It's not just insurance companies that can negotiate. "The typical insurer gets about a 60 percent discount," explains Gerard Anderson, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Hospital Finance and Management. "If you go into the hospital and ask the chief financial officer, you may get a 30 percent discount, but you have to ask for it. It's totally up to the discretion of the CFO how much they or the person in the billing office are willing to give you."...


  • My Body His Temple

  • " It is a health ministry that I feel God has called me to. The title was derived from 1 Corinthians 6:19-20: "What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's."
    Back in July 1994, when I was 32 years old, I noticed a picture of myself with a double chin. I hadn't realized how much weight I had gained over the years. I was also sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I began to research health and nutrition from a biblical standpoint. You can read my column, Ask the Nutritionist, and the Article of the Month to see what I have found over the years.
    When we, as Christians, realize that our bodies are the temple of God and that we should glorify Him in our body and spirit, we have no choice but to change our diet and lifestyle. My favorite example of such a change is the prophet Daniel. He knew that King Nebuchadnezzar's choice food was unhealthy to his body and spirit so he abstained from it. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is not much different from King Nebuchadnezzar's rich diet, so we must take a long look at what we are putting into God's temple, our bodies."


    -Cross-Cultural Challenges

  • Common Wealth Fund

  • Worlds Apart: A Series on Cross-Cultural Health Care; Part 1, from
    "Many researchers have studied patient--physician communication and documented the tensions and misunderstandings often seen in this important process. But these concerns are far greater when the patients are minorities or don't understand English well, and when doctors aren't equipped to explain the intricacies of care to people whose cultural beliefs may make American medicine a mystery...."

  • The Challenge of Serving and Working with Diverse Populations in American Hospitals by Geri-Ann Galanti, Ph.D.
    Published in The Diversity Factor, Volume 9, number 3, pages 21-26 in Spring 2001. (

  • "Hospitals can be a source of stress and frustration for patients and their families, since they are most vulnerable when they are there and are placed at the mercy of values and beliefs not their own. It is common for people from other countries to travel here for health care since the U.S. offers the finest in medical technology and expertise worldwide. Since our hospitals were built by European-Americans for European-Americans, their values, such as autonomy, independence and privacy, prevail in our institutions. Patients who have immigrated or are visiting from other countries often value the family over the individual or view the male head of household as the decision maker for the patient. Families may be more apt to assist the patient in "self-care" functions while the medical staff thinks the patient should value gaining independence as a critical goal of recovery. The U.S. health care system tries to provide privacy for patients by limiting visiting hours and rarely offers sleeping accommodations for visitors. Many non-Anglo patients prefer just the opposite. ..."
  • Cultural Competency in Medicine, from

  • "Lia Lee was a three-month-old Hmong child with epilepsy. Her doctors prescribed a complex regimen of medication designed to control her seizures. However, her parents felt that the epilepsy was a result of Lia "losing her soul" and did not give her medication as indicated because of the complexity of the drug therapy and the adverse side effects. Instead, they did everything logical in terms of their Hmong beliefs to help her. They took her to a clan leader and shaman, sacrificed animals and bought expensive amulets to guide her soul's return. Lia's doctors felt her parents were endangering her life by not giving her the medication so they called Child Protective Services and Lia was placed in foster care. Lia was a victim of a misunderstanding between these two cultures that were both intent on saving her. The results were disastrous: a close family was separated and Hmong community faith in Western doctors was shaken.1
    How can physicians-in-training prepare for situations like Lia's?..."


    Dem Bones Song By Crito and Stretch

    Related Songs:
    Delta River Boys - Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Dry Bones, from
    *from my Rain Man "Movie" Album (cassatte tape)
    The Wiggles Wiggle and Learn Dem Dry Bones,from
    Dry Bones (or Skeleton Bones), lyrics from


  • Sydney Banks

  • "... well-known philosopher, author and lecturer, was born in Scotland in 1931. He lived and worked in Canada for many years, and since 1973 has been lecturing at universities and clinics in that country and throughout the United States and Europe.
    Mr. Banks’ unique philosophy and perceptions have provided new insights in the fields of psychology and education and have in fact bridged the gap between psychology and spirituality. "

    *referred by Mary M. ("nutritionist too"), who helped get my blood when I donated this evening (Wed. Oct 8th of 2008) at the local college campus (UMM)

    Prescription Drugs

  • My RX Health, for Blue Cross Blue Shield members
  • -Anti-Biotics

  • Probiotic, from

  • *referred by Olivia (met from AOL chatroom on Dec. of 09') from IL
  • Master Cleanse, from
  • Symptom Checker

  • AOLhealth
  • WebMD
  • Television

  • Sound Body, radio program by Susuan Lennox

  • *received their newsletter in the mail early 2008


    "War on Destructive Lifestyle Practices" Part 1 (of 3)

    "Barbara Dewey talks about the reasons for poor health and explains how health and wellness can be restored."


    The 90 Essential Vitamins & Minerals Part 1 of 2

    "Uploaded by vitamins90minerals on Oct 25, "
    By Dr. Joel Wallach, You will learn when the human body receives optimal levels of the 90 essential nutrients, debilitating, developmental and degenerative diseases can be prevented and the maximum potential for longevity is within our Grasp!

    *see Elderly, Old, Longevity, Senior Citizens, Wisdom, etc... Outreach
    The 90 Essential Vitamins & Minerals Part 2 of 2

    Vitamin Junkeys: Supplements 101

    "Knowing which supplements to take can be overwhelming. In this week's episode of Vitamin Junkeys, Jennifer Lyall and naturopath Dr. JJ Dugoua review what are supplements, what are the best ones to take and how to choose the right supplements "

  • Buy Vitamins - Guide to buying vitamins online Your guide to buying vitamins online, from

  • with only $4.99 s/h w/all orders! Coupon Codes
  • Bulk Health Supplements, from

  • Weight Scale

  • Body Mass Index, from
  • Global-Multicultural


    Chemtrails what effect are they having on our health?

    "What are the effects Chemtrails / Contrails are having on our Enviroment and Us?"
    *see Science: Chemistry, etc...-Animals, Biology, etc.....

    How To STOP Chemtrails: A DIY Solution

    *see USA Presidents: 43rd (2001-2009) George W. Bush
    A quick look at how to make an orgonite tower buster (TB) , from




    Virus symptoms & pain leave - John Mellor Christian Healing Ministry

    "Virus symptoms & pain leave in Jesus' name."


  • Global Health Ministries, a resource for Lutheran overseas workers
  • Multicultural

  • Health Needs of a Changing Population, from

  • "The landscape of healthcare is changing. The location for service is changing from hospital-based to alternative locations - home, rehabilitation center, subacute care center, and urgent care center. Clients cross international borders to receive healthcare. The age of the client is changing from younger clients to older clients. Healthcare personnel are changing from a common ethnic origin to a variety of ethnic origins. Clients come from many different ethnic backgrounds. All of this change creates the need for healthcare personnel to be familiar with transcultural or intercultural principles of care..."


  • Health Clinic, from CBN
  • " 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. [a] 7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil. 8 This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones. .."-Proverbs 3


    GoodnewsEverybody: Ministry-Healing

    Jesus Calls Levi and Eats With Sinners (Mark 2)

    " 13 Once again Jesus went out beside the lake. A large crowd came to him, and he began to teach them. 14 As he walked along, he saw Levi son of Alphaeus sitting at the tax collector’s booth. “Follow me,” Jesus told him, and Levi got up and followed him.

    15 While Jesus was having dinner at Levi’s house, many tax collectors and sinners were eating with him and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. 16 When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with the sinners and tax collectors, they asked his disciples: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?"

    17 On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

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